This is One Expensive Gundarium Alloy Gundam

Written by Chad

July 22, 2020

Whenever fans hear of a new P-Bandai gunpla release, they know it’s either a unique kit or just another recolored/retooled variant and plastered with a premium price. But Bandai Spirits went to the next level by announcing their newest creation with die-cast parts.

The Gundarium Alloy 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam is a special model kit as part of the Gunpla 40th Anniversary campaign, the term Gundarium came from the classic Mobile Suit Gundam anime as the titular mobile suit’s armor is made of a titanium-based alloy that was refined in a lunar surface. The new kit introduces the new Metal Injection Molding where it allows the exterior armor parts to be diecast metal combined with a plastic inner frame. Judging from the shots of the inner frame runners, the Gundarium Alloy Gundam will have limited articulation and its accessories will only comprise of its iconic beam rifle and shield.

The diecast metal is made of a combination of titanium, aluminum and yttria for that premium feel as if it’s the actual mobile suit. The gunpla will have a premium package that includes an acrylic display base pedestal that features the Earth Federation Force emblem and the mobile suit’s name, a guarantee card to show the authenticity of the product and a special introduction manual, the special box will have the metallic parts displayed in a neat package so owners can leave it as is or assemble it to the inner frame.

The Gundarium Alloy 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam is priced at a whopping JPY 200,000 excluding tax and will roll out in December 2020. If you are a hardcore collector and can spare 200,000 Yen, then you can preorder right away.


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