How streamer Anakin VI proves that visual disability is not a hindrance to enjoy TEKKEN

Written by Louis

July 27, 2020

He may have a handicap but this shining ball of light proves that regardless of condition, there are always new ways to enjoy video games.

Tekken, just like any other video game is a visual delight, and with its competitive nature, also relies mostly on your sense of vision to properly land your hits, do your juggles, and to some extent, even time your frames, but what happens when your sense of vision is well, impaired?

That handicap does not seem to be a problem, with the young gamer Anakin VI, who has been playing the game despite having a rare anomaly called Persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous, which made him totally blind since birth. Falling in love with a game that his family and friends are playing during bonding sessions, Anakin VI has been playing Tekken since he was 7 years old and just recently, shared with the world his love for the title by way of streaming his gameplay online.

Relying mostly on audio cues, Anakin VI  proves that, despite only sitting at 1st Dan, he is no pushover and will even keep up and build on his aggressive playstyle as soon as the poke hits. Being competitive though is not the main goal for Anakin VI at this point as he says that him streaming is mostly to show how much he loves and enjoy playing Tekken, and showing people that one can learn, not just to play, but also enjoy videogames despite having a handicap.

The journey wasn’t all fun and (video) games though as with the game’s competitive nature and community, harsh critique on gameplay and some other mean things were thrown at Anakin VI but never did he let it stop him as he continued to push on and even motivated himself to learn and improve. Anakin VI says that the support of his fans helps keep him going and as well as the support from the people that he looks up to as well which includes Philippine homegrown Tekken talents such as Maru, Hapon, Doujin, and Pica Lozano. Some prominent Filipino Tekken community members have even shared their knowledge of the game to Anakin VI as well and have even given him the nickname the “Daredevil of Tekken”.

With his gaming and streaming journey, Anakin VI hopes to inspire more people, especially ones with disabilities, to do and enjoy what they love and what makes them happy, such as video games, and to not give up on life and continue to push forward in achieving their dreams. Together with that Anakin VI also aims to prove that, despite disabilities, one can still enjoy video games to their heart’s content, and sometimes in gaming, that is all that matters.

You can tune in to Anakin VI’s streams on Facebook on his page, Anakin VI Gaming 



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