MU Online’s New Slayer Character is Now Available in All Servers

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August 12, 2020

WEBZEN released the second update of the latest Season 15: Part 1 today for the classic MMORPG, MU Online.

MU Online’s brand new character, the half-human half-bat Slayer, is finally available to play in all servers. Players will receive the Talisman of Ascension just by creating the Slayer during the event period.

Not only will there be a new character, but the update will also include the new map, Scorched Canyon. Various events will be available such as doubled drop rates for particular items and decreased monster HP for the ultimate demolishing experience.

Furthermore, the MU Online team has organized a special in-game event to add to the fun. During the event period, the mastery equipment, Bloodangel weapons and armors will not be destroyed when being upgraded from +9 to +11. Make sure to upgrade them as much as you can.

Last but far from the least, the official website will be holding three Roulette events: Goblin, Dimensional, and Play Time. Players can spin the roulette to earn Goblin Points and Play Time Points, for a chance to receive special prizes like Rare Item Tickets, Gold Channel Tickets (1 day), Ruud, and much more.

Also, the level cap will be increased to level 1200. Reaching a certain level will allow players to receive exclusive rewards. For more information about the update and ongoing events, check out MU Online’s official website at: and join the official Facebook community at:

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