Gensokyo Night Festival Early Access Version Receives Its Stage 2 Update

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August 24, 2020

Active Gaming Media Inc. and its proprietary indie game platform PLAYISM and Why So Serious? are proud to announce that the Stage 2 update for Gensokyo Night Festival developed by tea_basira and currently out in early access on Steam, has gone live.

Gensokyo Night Festival is a Touhou Project spin-off game developed by solo indie game developer tea_basira. Using the full potential of Unreal Engine tea_basira has recreated his vision of Gensokyo with beautiful pixel art scenery and stunning visual effects. Released into early access to garner input from fans in order to shape the title into what the fans want, the title was at one point top of the Steam sales ranking and has been extremely well received by fans globally.

The protagonist is the popular Touhou Project character Suika Ibuki. It has been some time since the last Hakurei Shrine Festival and Suika decides that it is the perfect time for her to have a little rampage around Gensokyo. Although she may appear cute, Suika is a demon and therefore extremely powerful. Use her abilities to unleash devastating physical attacks, ranged attacks and counters and string them together in satisfying combos. Also, Suika has the ability to control density, using her Density charge and Sparsity charge you can add effects to her combos to make them even more devastating. Furthermore, this game has the Touhou Project games classic game mechanic of Graze dodging. Using this you can dash through enemy attacks and execute counters by circling around behind them or avoid otherwise unavoidable attacks.

Stage 2 Update Summary

  • Set in the Former capital. As there are a lot of dark areas, the ability Flare has been added to help with exploration.
  • A popular request by users, keyboard configuration, has been added.
  • Rin Kaenbyou and Utsuho Reiuji appear as bosses. Of course, there are mini-bosses along the way too. There will another smaller update early September which will adjust boss balance and also add a combo attack for Okuu and Orin.
  • Scattered around the stage 2 map are a host of Touhou project chibi characters that you can find and gather at Hakurei Shrine.

Stage 2 is set in the Former Capital. The area is deep underground and therefore has many dark areas, but tea_basira has designed the stage around the concept of festivals, adding beautiful lighting effects to contrast the dark. The result is sure to delight players with stunning visuals.

Voting is open for the community chosen chibi character for Stage 3!

How to vote: Votes can be cast on the Steam news comments section announcing the update. Only 1 vote will be counted per account.

*Characters do not have to be from stage 3 areas.

Update news link:  Voting closes September 21st (JST)

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