DC Fandome Trailer Reactions: The Rebirth of the DCEU?

Written by Franz Chan

August 27, 2020

It’s no secret that the DC Comics movie franchise hit the gas way too early and had a disastrous production in what was supposed to be its first culminating film in the Justice League movie. With it bombing in the box office, it seemed like there was no more hope for the once promising DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

With production on then upcoming films now shifting to individual stories set in the same universe, the DCEU found its strength in well received movies such as Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Shazam. Without pressure to build into another “Justice League” so soon, the movies were able to focus on their own tone and build its own characters and show that the DCEU can be a pretty big success.

Enter DC Fandome, without physical events and Comic Cons taking attention in 2020, DC was able to take its own spotlight and show us everything they have up their sleeve in the near future and it would be an understatement to say “they did not pull any punches”.


Wonder Woman 1984 is still happening this year, and it still looks Dope


Wonder Woman (2017) is definitely the DCEU’s biggest success so far – earning a huge legion of fanfare and happy audiences. The follow up looks to time travel us back to 1984, and if there’s anything we know about these kinds of movies, being set in the past is a big boon in terms of entertainment value.

The trailer showed us everything a fan of the first film could have asked for – more action, the same inviting and adventurous tone, more Chris Pratt being snarky and the reveal of Cheetah – one of Wonder Woman’s most iconic archenemies. Her design definitely has the internet talking but I personally like it; it’s way more than your cheap Cats movie reject CGI.
While I do really want to see DC’s latest film offering in the theaters, it’s probably going to be difficult depending on your location. I’m quite jealous for those who will be able to experience this firsthand.


The Batman looks raw, visceral and exactly what we needed


The Batman may not be set in the DCEU, but as we saw in The Joker, setting it in its own universe may actually be good for it as they can go as hard as they can with the characters. Robert Pattinson plays a young inexperienced Batman and while he’s not the Batfleck or “Where is he??” Nolan Batman, it seems like he’s setting into the role of a young and angsty Bruce Wayne quite nicely. The small bits of action here and there were really well done, and the costume definitely evokes that a street level crimefighter earning his credits.

Another nice touch is when they showed him without his cowl and the eye maskara Batman wears is canon in this universe. The Riddler is the scariest I’ve ever seen and Paul Dano might just be able to pull off a legendary villain. We also see Catwoman before she became Catwoman.

Judging by the positive reaction of the movie, this was definitely as perfect as a teaser trailer as you can get considering the film isn’t even halfway done through filming. The use of Nirvana’s “Something in the way” is a nice touch and if you’re like me who considers Batman the greatest superhero ever, this film can’t come soon enough.


The Suicide Squad and Black Adam open up the DCEU even more

DC came out swinging for the fences and The Suicide Squad’s whole cast was revealed and it looks exactly like what the doctor ordered to slap the bad taste of the first film out of our mouths.
James Gunn (of Guardians of the Galaxy fame) is directing this movie and he hosted an online cast reveal and some trivia with the whole cast, with the biggest reveal being John Cena as the Peacemaker. The teaser trailer looked like a lot of fun with Gunn’s enthusiasm. And while it’s still connected to the disaster of the first movie that came out, it’s refreshing to see that Amanda Waller and Rick Flag may have their stories given justice this time around.

It will also be interesting to see first time big-screen appearances from characters such as Idris Elba’s Bloodsport, Peter Capaldi’s The Thinker and interesting off-the wall Batman minor villains such as Ratcatcher and Pola-dot man. With a huge cast and a good number of “disposable” characters, expect a good number of shocking deaths as is Suicide Squad tradition.

Another DCEU film coming next year is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in Black Adam. Known as Captain Marvel/Shazam’s archenemy turned anti-hero, there was not much that familiar fans did not already know of in terms of lore. It was basically just The Rock narrating on top concept art but somehow, that’s already enough to know that this movie is going to be a hit in the cinemas.
I’m going to withhold judgement on Black Adam until we see more about it.


The Flash seems like the new culminating DCEU event

With all of the upcoming DCEU projects, The Flash may just be the biggest of them all. While it wont set to release until 2022, It will be the big Reset button as we all know Barry Allen always screws with the timeline.

The most exciting part of course is the return of Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck as 2 different Batmen. Which means we will see multiverses colliding and probably other heroes from the DCEU undergoing major changes as well.

It’s no longer the same original plan for the film several years ago, but Ezra Miller’s enthusiasm for the role and the return of the Batmen are really making me excited for this film. Not to mention they confirmed that Ezra’s short cameo on the Flash TV series is canon and is where he got the name “The Flash” from. Are we going see the DC TV universe on the big screen as well?
This looks like a very ambitious project the biggest chance for a DCEU “Big Bang” to happen. I just can’t wait.


A new, more focused DC Universe is a Better one

With all of the promising new movies set to release in the next few years, DC seems like they are about to find their stride. The DC comics franchise has been no stranger to reboots with the New 52 and the Rebirth, and the DCEU has gotten its soft reboot and it may just be for the better.

For those who still think of what may have been, they showed off all new footage from the Snyder Cut as well and it looks gorgeous. No more Superman’s distracting moustache, Steppenwolf no longer looks like a video game reject, and Darkseid in his full cgi glory is a sight to behold. While the original Snyder plans have been scrapped, who knows what’s going to happen if this turns out successful on HBO Max?

One thing’s for sure. If this was DC’s coming out to party after a very disappointing to mixed first launch, it was definitely a very good one that got people talking.

This might just be DC’s Vengeance.

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