Baseball Superstars 2020 Fantasy Sports RPG Grand Slams onto Google Play and Apple App Store

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August 28, 2020

Baseball Superstars 2020 (BSS), the latest in GAMEVIL’s long-running fantasy RPG baseball game series, is available now through Google Play and Apple App Store. Players can smack home runs and line drives while managing and customizing their teams in a revamped experience that features massively-improved graphics and gameplay over previous games in the series that makes for a snappy, easy-to-learn baseball bonanza for a casual crowd.

First released in 2002, this new entry in the Baseball Superstars series is a fresh take on a classic game as it incorporates popular features such as “My Player.” In this mode, players can completely manage and customize their teams by altering selecting and tweaking appearances, player equipment, special items and more. Fans can even create their own custom pitches and control batting mechanics to fit their style of play. There are also dozens of pre-made players to collect and implement into the perfect championship team.

With more than 70 million downloads across the long-running series, BBS is one of GAMEVIL’s most popular IPs and draws in a diverse fanbase thanks to its casual gameplay and RPG mechanics. The Baseball Superstars series’ charming visuals and universally appealing skill-based gameplay continues to garner a diverse fanbase of gamers who are not particularly fond of baseball.

About Gamevil Baseball Superstars 2020

This new mobile baseball RPG takes the sports genre to new levels with its comedic prowess, flashy production and fantasy RPG elements rarely found in other sports games. In addition to PvP mode, and a slew of other mini games, the mobile sports game offers Training Mode where players will select a character’s position, create trainer decks and help their baseball superstar rise to the top.

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