Xbox Series S Revealed Along With Price Tag

Microsoft finally revealed the existence of one of the variants for their next-gen console. The Xbox Series S is priced at $299, the announcement came after a recent the leak revealing a lite version of the Series X.

The official tweet from Microsoft also revealed the actual image of the console as shown below.

The Xbox Series S will be slimmer than the Series X and does not have an optical drive, the same approach with the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. This will have lower GPU and RAM performance and is designed for 1080p to 1440p gaming experience.

As for the Xbox Series X, there are still no official announcements for the final price, but if the leaks were accurate, it should be at $499 and should be available on November 10 along with the Series S. The PlayStation 5 on the other hand, does not have any official announcements for its pricing as well as its official release date.

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