Top Clans 2020: Epidemic Defeated by Our Passion for Esports

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September 21, 2020

Our passion for gaming is what motivates us to do what we do. NetEase Games uses their passion to develop and publish games that they know gamers all over the world will love. Likewise, Top Clans Esports is passionate about creating tournaments that will cater to peoples’ love for video games and competition alike. But hurdles and roadblocks sometimes do get in the way, posing unique challenges that only the most passionate people can overcome. This is the story of how people in the esports industry can get past through these challenging times. This is the story of Top Clans Esports’ passion.

The year 2020 has been a roller coaster ride for esports fans. Due to the global health situation, event organizers around the world have been facing many hard decisions. Most of the LAN tournaments scheduled for the year have either been canceled or postponed. Fans have been denied the opportunity to attend events that they have been looking forward to for a long time.

The global health crisis forced everyone in the esports industry to make some very hard decisions

Even the biggest esports events in the world were struck a major blow. Valve, the creators of Dota 2, decided not to hold the annual The International this year. Just days before ESL ONE Los Angeles 2020 was supposed to run on March 15th, the tournament organizers decided to cancel the event.  In the Philippines, the Predator League 2020 Grand Finals, a Dota 2 tournament where teams come from all over the Asia Pacific, was postponed to 2021.

Even for Top Clans Esports, the global situation has forced them to reconsider the scale of their tournament. Due to their commitment to meeting the demands and needs of a passionate gaming community, they were planning to hold a bigger LAN event for the Top Clans 2020 Grand Finals. But that can’t be done thanks to the pandemic.

All of these issues have affected fans from all communities. They’ve lost the opportunity to attend esports events and to cheer for their favorite teams. People who saved up money to attend international events ended up getting disappointed in the end. Indeed, the international health crisis had a big impact on the esports community as a whole.

Passion inspired organizers to face challenges with innovative solutions

For a while, the esports community wasn’t sure how to proceed. But thanks to the passion of the community towards their respective games, esports activities soon returned. It became apparent for many that what matters is that there are competitions, tournaments, and events. It didn’t matter it will be held.

Moving esports events online is a logical step in dealing with the situation. While playing online still has its own set of issues, holding events and tournaments without going physical is now the new normal.

While full-fledged international competition is still not feasible, organizers are still able to organize regional competitions. Without compromising production value, tournament organizers still managed to host engaging and hyped events. The lack of a crowded arena notwithstanding, tournaments still have the same energy and gusto as they usually do.

As for Top Clans Esports, their response to the pandemic was to scale up in a completely different way. If hosting a larger LAN tournament won’t be possible, then there should just be more games played in Top Clans 2020. Therefore, apart from the usual Rules of Survival tournament, four more games were added to the program: Dota 2, TEKKEN 7, MARVEL Super War, and Tom and Jerry: Chase. With a total prize pool of 85,000 USD, Top Clans Esports commit to bringing a better tournament experience, even as it moves online.

Tournament organizers within the industry have answered the passionate calls of fans to produce more content and to hold the events that they know and love. In return, the fans also recognize the efforts of the organizers, acknowledging the burning passion that they have that was not easily extinguished by the pandemic.

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