Thailand’s Top MARVEL Super War Teams Gear Up for Top Clans 2020

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October 8, 2020


Southeast Asia has been a hotspot in esports ever since the industry started catching steam over a decade ago. Since then, the region has seen gaming titles rise and fall, teams succeed and fail, and tournaments come and go. The SEA esports scene has grown tremendously over the years, even reaching mainstream sports attention with its inclusion in the 2019 SEA Games.

Still, the region has been through its own ups and downs. While there have been challenges the whole industry had to wade through, individual players and teams also faced difficulties to reach where they are right now.

For the following teams, they faced the challenge of taking a shot at a new game title. Unlike other organizations who prefer to wait and see if a game will be a success, these Thai teams have taken upon themselves to make the game a success.

These teams’ successes amplify the esports scenes they operate in. Let’s take a look at these teams’ stories, and how their victories contribute to the growth of their communities.

Anastacia Esports

Anastacia Esports is one of Thailand’s top clans.

Their passion for gaming makes them hungry for more action. Anastacia’s representative, Rapee Ngamsinjumrus, says that NetEase Games’ tournaments are welcome in the region, even saying that NetEase should create even more tournaments for players. But he also expressed that Top Clans 2020 is a big opportunity for their team.

“For esports teams, having a match with another nation is always good,” says Mr. Ngamsinjumrus. He adds that Top Clans 2020 will give his team their first opportunity to test their strength against teams from other countries.

Originally an Overwatch team, Anastacia transitioned from one game to another. Anastacia crossed both platforms and genres. Still, the team is able to keep up with their more experienced rivals.

They put all of their passion into the game, practicing at least three hours a day as a team. Their perseverance and dedication are what attracted their fans to them. Their success in a completely different field helped spread the popularity of MARVEL Super War. And their fans, who have been following them since their time with Overwatch, have grown to love MARVEL Super War as well.

Anastacia will be facing much more popular teams with arguably more experience in MOBA games. But they have proven in previous tournaments that they can also excel in this new field they are playing in. Will Anastacia’s training be enough to win Top Clans 2020?

Tuby Team

Tuby Team proved they are one of the Top Clans (Image from Tuby Team Facebook)

Unlike Anastacia Esports, Tuby Team were not directly invited to compete for Top Clans 2020. However, it doesn’t take away from the team’s grit and determination. They proved to be a tough contender, finishing second in the Tournament of Bast, just behind the formidable MS Chonburi.

For Tuby Team, reaching the top spot is their ultimate goal. They train hard and compete with everything they have. First coming into the scene in 2014, Tuby have had experience in various esports circuits and games. When MARVEL Super War came out, the team saw the potential in it and started competing for that game.

“When MARVEL Super War was relased, my team began playing the game,” Mr. Kittiwin ‘Lek’ Sanukit, team captain of Tuby Thailand, said to us in an interview. “Our team has always competed since the first tournaments of MARVEL Super War.”

Passion for gaming doesn’t always lead to wins. For Tuby, their passion is obvious in the way they play and for the goals they set for themselves. But when they do lose, it’s still their passion that helps them come back up and try again, which eventually leads to success.

Passion for gaming lets us have fun and compete,” says Mr. Sanukit. “Passion enables us to be successful, allowing us to become champions.”

With Tuby’s pedigree in esports, their fans knew that they had it in them to succeed. Even with the shift in game titles, they continue to support their idols, as what can be seen on their active Facebook page. And Tuby knows how to reward their fans well – using the passion of their fans towards them, they were able to win their tickets to Top Clans 2020.

“[Big competitions like Top Clans 2020] are important. For us esports athletes, getting to play in good tournaments is a big thing. For us, becoming champions in the year’s biggest regional tour is the goal,” says Mr. Sanukit.

Even though they weren’t directly invited, Tuby Team has proven that they are a top clan.

Top Clans 2020 MARVEL Super War is just getting started!!

The Group Stage for Top Clans 2020 MARVEL Super War has been one of the most-watched parts of Top Clans 2020 so far. Continue watching the tournament as the group stage continues this October 8-9, 2020. Support both Tuby Team and Anastacia Esports as they try to win a spot in the playoffs!

Tournament matches are streamed live on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitch. The live stream is also available in Thai language on the Top Clans Thailand Facebook page.

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