Onmyoji: The Card Game has Launched Today in Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, and Australia

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October 23, 2020

Developed by NetEase Games, Onmyoji: The Card Game, the new spinoff of Onmyoji, has been launched today in Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and Australia.

Onmyoji: The Card Game is a duel card game derived from the Onmyoji IP. It inherits the iconic Japanese style fantasy world view, where players step into Shinkiro, the exclusive land of Yokai and enjoy Hyakubun, the most popular card game there. With each duel, players will be able to unlock fascinating stories about Yokai and encounter their favorite Shikigami from Onmyoji once again.

Onmyoji: The Card Game adopts a new card duel gameplay, which requires players to build a deck with 4 Shikigami and their exclusive cards. Each card has a unique function, affording the duels with card upgrade, transformation, and combination.

Download it now: https://onmyojitcg.onelink.me/NZxL/48f340fc

Activity 1: Launch Rally Bonus

After the game is officially launched, bonuses for all players will be unlocked according to the rally number. There are 5 target numbers of rallying, the more players participate the bigger the bonus goes: Gold*6666 for reaching 20,000, Myth Scroll*10 for reaching 100,000, Jikikaeru Ticket*15 for reaching 250,000, Talisman*200 for reaching 400,000, and the special title Joyful Gathering for reaching the final target number 600,000.


Activity 2: Seven-day Sign-in Daily Rewards

Upon launch, players can log-in and get rewards every day on the first 7 days, including Card Packs, the exclusive card of popular Shikigami—Evolved: Shuten Doji, a random SSR, and special card back—Gather Together.

For more detailed content, please follow the official Facebook to get the latest information.

Official site: https://www.onmyoji-card.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OnmyojiCardGame

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl45kCvmxSgfe81fjFHGL0Q

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