Detective Mystery, The Case Book of Arne releasing on Steam October 29th

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October 24, 2020

Playism presents… Popular Game Magazine Detective Mystery, The Case Book of Arne, is Coming to Steam October 29th!

A vampire and a young woman, what is their connection? A new mystery appears before these two characters who hold secrets of their own.

The Case Book of Arne takes place in a world where the supernatural very much exists. Used the clues that appear throughout the “Problem” episode to solve the crime in this orthodox detective mystery. This release brings you the first case “The Reinweiß Murder” and the Interlude “The Monster Festival”.

The game is divided into “Problem” and “Solve” episodes. In Japan, the “Solve” episode was preceded by a massive “Guess Who” session, in which over 1,000 people participated.

Solving the mystery with “special rules” involving zombies, vampires, and other monsters has been highly praised by experts in authentic mystery.

Arne Neuntöte is a vampire detective who manipulates supernatural powers. Lynn Reinweiß is a nobleman’s daughter who loves vampires. Their worlds should never have crossed, but they join hands to solve a bloody mystery. In the darkest of nights, Lynn finds herself in desperate need of help. Then she wanders into the mysterious city of “Lügenberg”, where non-humans live. Lynn’s world changes drastically when she encounters “Arne”, a vampire who is called “the worst” in the city, and tonight, a new “murder case” has occurred.

What is the truth behind the bizarre incidents that take place in a world where humanity and the bizarre intersect?”Come on, human. You may dance merrily under the crimson moon.”

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