K/DA All Out, Coming at you LIVE in Legends of Runeterra

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October 30, 2020

The K/DA world tour comes to Legends of Runeterra today! Read on for all the details on this limited-time event—including the exclusive K/DA spells, and how you can get VIP access to a set of personally signed card backs.


The K/DA ALL OUT Event is raising the bar in more ways than one. For the first time in Legends of Runeterra, you can unlock a set of special spells with unique animations. Each spell shows off a brief performance from the K/DA members the first time they’re played in a game, and you can earn a complete playset (3 copies each) of all five just by playing during the event!

For the duration of the event, The K/DA spells will only be earnable through the free portion of the event path—see the EVENT REWARDS section below for more details on how you can take home this souvenir from the world tour. Once earned, the spells will be usable anywhere, and after the event ends they’ll become purchasable with Shards or Wildcards or earnable through chests like any other card.


K/DA takes center stage in a brand new kind of Lab: Star Power. This Lab will be live for the usual two weeks, but will change its tune after the first. Here’s how it works:

  • During week one, choose one of 5 preconstructed decks, each centered on one of the new K/DA spell cards. Each deck comes with a unique “always-on” passive ability that complements the featured spell.
  • During week two, constructed unlocks! You’ll be able to choose from those preconstructed lineups, or bring your own playlist. Pair any of the passive abilities you want with the perfect deck to make it really sing!



Win games and complete quests to earn Hearts, progress along the event path, and unlock exclusive K/DA ALL OUT rewards!

After the Spirit Blossom Festival (our last event), we saw some opportunities to improve quests and progress. This time around, your first win of the day will earn you 2 Hearts, and there will be an endlessly repeatable quest of 3 PvP wins or 5 AI wins for 3 Hearts.

Additionally, five pairs of Epic Quests (ten total) will progressively unlock as you continue playing. The first quest will reward you with Hearts, while the second will also unlock icons for each member of K/DA.

Along with these Epic Quests, there are also a series of nine Event Quests which appear in the Event tab. These quests unlock in a sequence and earn you more Hearts to progress along the path. We’ve designed these quests to be flexible, so you can play like you would normally… or you can take a more daring option if you feel like mixing things up.

Overall, the changes mean that if you do all quests, you’ll make more progress than before; if you miss a day, you’ll lose less progress than before; and now AI games are worth something.




Ready to head backstage? Pick up the K/DA ALL OUT Event Pass in the store (975 Coins) to access an upgraded event path with premium rewards and immediately unlock the new Stella Guardian. Play games to earn Hearts and unlock more rewards!

Those that reach the end of the event pass will unlock the Signature Edition K/DA Card Backs— personally signed by each member of K/DA.

The K/DA All Out event ends and the pass expires November 24 at 11:00 AM PT. See you at the show!



How long is the event? 

The event runs from October 28 at 10 AM PT to November 24 at 11 AM PT.

Is K/DA ALL OUT happening in League of Legends as well?

Yes! Wander over to League of Legends for a special interactive Spirit Blossom experience, and check out LoL social channels for more cool stuff.

Will the K/DA items ever come back?

The K/DA spells are sticking around—they’ll show up in rewards and be purchasable like any other card, starting after the event.

The K/DA cosmetics from the event rewards could return one day, but we have no plan to bring them back any time soon. Basically, the K/DA items are exclusive to this event and only available for a limited time, so if something (or many somethings) catches your eye, make sure to unlock them before they disappear on November 24!

Which games count toward completing quests and earning Hearts?

ANY game, including AI and Friend Challenge, will count toward your quests. The 2 Hearts awarded for your first win of the day, however, are available through any game EXCEPT AI and Friend Challenge. That includes Ranked, Normal, Expeditions, Gauntlet, and Lab games.

Do I have to pick which quest to make progress on?

Nope! Any games you play simultaneously count toward Epic Quests, event quests, regular daily quests, and even the region road. No need to pick—just play and enjoy the show!

Do I have to pay to participate?

K/DA ALL OUT is a free event for every player! All players have access to the K/DA quests and event path (which include icons, spell cards, an emote, and a card back), as well as the new Star Power Lab. The Event Pass—which grants access to premium rewards on the path, like guardians, emotes, champion card backs—is an optional purchase.

We’ve focused on making the core gameplay elements of LoR (the cards) as accessible as possible by giving you the ability to get what you want, how you want, in a game where players can compete regardless of how much they spend. On the other hand, paid personalization is a completely optional way to customize your experience beyond the core gameplay. The Event Pass is a great opportunity to snag some exclusive cosmetic items and support the game at the same time.

How much is the Event Pass?

You can pick up the Event Pass in the store for 975 coins (and immediately unlock the Stella

Guardian when you do). We’re excited to include a variety of unique, highly-themed personalization items as part of the Pass, and we hope you feel like it’s a great value for all the rewards you can unlock over the course of the event!

Where can I learn more about K/DA?

Check out these links for more K/DA:

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