More Gundam RX-78 F00 Yokohama Figures Arriving to Satisfy Your Gundam Needs

Written by Chad

October 30, 2020

If you think the 1/144 and 1/100 Gundam RX-78 F00 model kits were the only things that you can grab from that Gundam Factory Yokohama special inspired mech, but it seems Bandai Spirits has no sign stopping as it announces more figures and candy toys based on the new life-sized Gundam that is now stationed at Yokohama.

The new batch of RX-78 F00 figures come in different varieties and will aim to different markets from hardcore diecast mech collectors to fans who just want to have Gundams on their desktop. The best part about the new line of figures is that they will be available in Japan in December 2020, so you can start approaching your favorite hobby stores for preorder slots.

Chogokin RX-78 F00 Gundam – 22000 yen


Bandai – Act G-Dock – 2200 Yen


Robot Damashii RX-78 F00 Gundam – 3850 yen


FW Gundam Converge – RX-78 F00 Gundam Factory Yokohama Limited  – 1650 Yen


MS G-Frame – RX-78 F00 Gundam Factory Yokohama Limited – 2200 yen


GFY Gashapon Limited RX-78 F00 Gundam – 500 yen each

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