Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Second Collaboration with Kingdom Hearts Mobile Game

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November 24, 2020

gumi Inc., in partnership with publisher SQUARE ENIX, announces the second collaboration between hit mobile games KINGDOM HEARTS Uχ Dark Road and FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS. From now till December 9, players can participate in themed events and earn exciting rewards in both games. Be sure to check the in-game notices in both titles for full details, but you can find an overview of the new and exciting collaboration content below.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

  • Collaboration Event “Scala ad Caelum”: this collaboration dungeon, based on the location seen in KINGDOM HEARTS III and KINGDOM HEARTS Dark Road, is available from 11/26 – 12/9. Players can earn the “Young Xehanort (KHDR)” unit by completing this dungeon’s corresponding event quest (BGN), along with collaboration-exclusive equipment and more rewards by participating in other events.
  • Additional New Units: Sora (KHIII), Riku (KHIII) and Kairi (KHIII) are available to summon as new Neo Vision units for a limited time. Each of these units has a brand-new vision card which can be obtained after EX Awakening. Units can equip these vision cards to give them additional boons.
  • Returning Units: Previously released KINGDOM HEARTS units Sora (KH), Riku (KH) and Sephiroth (KH) are back to summon for a limited time. This time around, these units’ parameters have been upgraded.
  • Neo Vision Premium Summons: Three NV Premium Summons will be available from 11/26-12/9, each focusing on one of the new KINGDOM HEARTS Neo Vision units. The summon rate for the featured Neo Vision unit will be slightly higher on each banner. Additionally, an 11-summon will cost 4500 lapis instead of the usual 5000, and players will receive Summon Coins (KHIII) each time they summon. These Summon Coins can be exchanged for KHIII units, Unit Fragments and NV Awakening Materials.
  • “Challenge of the Brave: Let Your Heart Be the Guiding Key”: Players can obtain awakening materials for Sora (KHIII), Riku (KHIII) and Kairi (KHIII) by participating in this event from 11/26-12/9.
  • Guaranteed Unit Summon: This free summon guarantees one KINGDOM HEARTS unit, including the three new Neo Vision units. Players will be able to perform two summons total using tickets which can be obtained through the daily login bonus, which starts on 11/26.
  • Login Bonus: Players can receive lapis, various awakening materials and more, including two “KHDR Collaboration: Guaranteed Unit Summon” tickets, simply by logging in 11/26-12/9.
  • Free Daily 10x Summons: For 14 days, from 11/26 through 12/29, players can perform one free daily 10x Summon.
  • Half Energy, Amazing Enhancements, Growth Chambers Unlocked – from 11/26 – 12/23

FFBE players can also take advantage of a limited-time Black Friday bundle, available on 11/27. Players can purchase the Black Friday Mythril Chest, which contains 7,000 Lapis, 100 Red Star Quartz and 300 VIP Coins, and other limited-time bundles.

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