Imagination Runs Wild as Drawn To Life: Two Realms is Now Available

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December 8, 2020


Players of all ages can spark their inner creativity and unleash the magic of endless possibilities as Drawn to Life: Two Realms, a revitalization of the fan-favorite platformer franchise, launches on Steam for PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android today.*

Publisher 505 Games and developer Digital Continue are continuing the series with an all-new gameplay experience featuring vibrant art-inspired puzzle gameplay along with a huge variety of platform levels, a hero customization tool and two realms to explore.

For a limited time, the game is available with a further 20 percent off launch discount on Steam and Nintendo Switch (from the normal price of SGD 12.99/ VND 119,000/ PHP 299/ IDR 99,999/ MYR 29/ THB 228) as well as on iOS (from the normal price of SGD 6.98/ VND 109,000/ PHP 249/ IDR 79,000/ MYR 19.90/ THB 149. The Android version of the game is available for SGD 6.98/ VND 109,000/ PHP 249/ IDR 79,000/ MYR 19.90/ THB 149.

“Bringing the beloved Drawn to Life franchise back is a monumental moment, not just for us but for the dedicated fanbase that’s been waiting years for a new sequel,” said Neil Ralley, president, 505 Games. “Drawn to Life: Two Realms builds upon the original by expanding existing lore and innovating the gameplay that made the original titles so special. We can’t wait to see fans, new and old, experience the magic and imagination that Drawn to Life: Two Realms inspires.”

As part of the launch, players can also purchase the upbeat and snappy soundtrack of Drawn to Life: Two Realms on Steam for SGD 6.98/ VND 67,500/ PHP 89.99/ IDR 39,800/ MYR 8.99/ THB 68. Additional post-launch content, such as new customizable items and Challenge levels, will be added in the future.

Drawn to Life: Two Realms picks up several years after the end of Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter. Players will reconnect with Mari, Jowee and other favorite characters as they travel between the Raposa and Human realms to uncover the mystery of the shadow. The action-adventure platformer includes dozens of unique toys, more than 100 Imagination Battles and 70-plus Humans and Raposa NPCs to interact with. Players can toy around with millions of colors and dozens of unique stickers that unlock endless hours of customization to accompany their journey.

Many of the original developers are a part of this latest installment in the Drawn to Life series, such as:

  • More than 50 new music tracks from the original franchise composer
  • A lush 2D world from the renowned original sprite artist
  • Continued story presented by the original Executive Producer of Drawn to Life and Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter.


* The Nintendo Switch version in Korea will release on December 1oth published by H2 Interactive

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