Onmyoji Arena Will Have Updated Visuals and New Content for Third Anniversary

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December 24, 2020

New year, new anniversary! As the hope-filled year of 2021 approaches, Onmyoji Arena will also be celebrating its third birthday. As a thank-you gift for everyone’s support, the game’s graphics and visual effects will be undergoing an overall upgrade. At the same time, Onmyoji Arena has scheduled a collaboration event with a famous IP franchise to continue expanding the game’s original universe. Even more new shikigami, skins, and events will be introduced to the game, with more high-quality content and an even better experience. Heian Festival, as the overture to the third anniversary’s celebrations, is now in preparation. Stay tuned!

Heian Festival Part 1: Heian-kyo Battlefield Graphics Overhaul

As an appetizer for the third anniversary’s Heian Festival, everyone will be able to enjoy an all-new, upgraded Heian-kyo Battlefield once the Heian Festival starts! A fresh, more realistic, change-filled Heian-kyo is about to make its dazzling debut!


Battlefield Details

The upgraded Heian-kyo Battlefield has improved physical lighting of environmental materials, enhanced light and shadow harmony, and newly-added real-time lighting. The light and shadow of various materials will be finer and smoother, and lighting effects on cloud shadows, underwater surfaces, and material surfaces will also be realized.

Shikigami Models

The detail and texture resolution of all shikigami of Heian-kyo will be enhanced after the overhaul. Shikigami models will be more detailed and true to life. The movement of shikigami’s hair and the apparels’ sleeves and ribbons will be more natural, as well as more responsive during movement and rotation.

But of course, the Heian-kyo battlefield overhaul doesn’t end there. Even more surprises await your discovery in the battlefield!


Heian Festival Part 2: A variety of content is on the way!

In addition to the graphical and visual effect overhaul, the third anniversary’s Heian Festival also brings more wonderful content for players. A number of skins will be coming back for a limited time. Do also look forward to renewing classical skins, as well as a rewarding anniversary celebration event for everyone to participate in.


During this Heian Festival, Kyonshi Imoto’s Anniversary skin will be available for a limited time. Futakuchi’s and Onikiri’s cyberpunk skins will also be back for a limited time. And that’s not all! Futakuchi’s, Onikiri’s and Yamausagi’s skins will be dyed and upgraded into Royal skins even more dashing than before. Give your beloved shikigami a fresh makeover in the new year!


For players to better immerse themselves in the festive spirit of the anniversary celebrations, Onmyoji Arena has also prepared a series of exciting events, where everyone can receive rewards including avatar frames, epic skins, and more!


Heian Festival Part 3: A mysterious shikigami is coming!

What would the Heian Festival be without new shikigami joining the battlefield? The next arrival of an all-new shikigami will take place on December 31st. What is their story? How will they bedazzle the battlefield? Onmyoji Arena will leave it to you all to uncover the answers.


Onmyoji Arena third anniversary’s Heian Festival is starting soon! Enjoy all-new visual updates, skins, and a rewarding event! See you all in Heian-kyo on December 31st!

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