Get More this Holiday Season with War of The Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

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December 26, 2020

gumi Inc., in partnership with publisher SQUARE ENIX, invites players to look forward to additional festive-fun updates. Holiday celebrations have been in full swing in the hit mobile tactical RPG WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS nearly all the month of December – and we’re excited to share that even more festive fun will soon arrive in-game. With a brand-new character currently exclusive to the global version of WOTV FFBE and a plethora of free summons, players have a lot to look forward to this holiday season.

New Global Original Unit: UR Duane, the Dark Swordsman

Fans of the popular mobile RPG FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS will likely recognize the dark knight Duane – now he’s available to summon from December 23 until January 5 in WOTV FFBE! Players who obtain UR Duane through summoning will have several ways to obtain unit shards and enhancement materials for him, as noted below.

  • True to his roots in FFBE, UR Duane’s main job is “Dark Knight of Remorse,” and he also has the “Viking” and “Dragoon” sub-jobs. UR Duane is a high attack power offensive unit with high HP, and his unique support abilities as a Dark Knight give him the versatility to fit into nearly any team setup.
  • UR Duane can perform the Limit burst “Death Scythe,” which deals 2-hit large damage to targets within range and absorbs a portion of the damage dealt.
  • Players can also attempt to summon the brand-new Duane-themed Vision Card: UR “Irresistible Darkness.” When Duane equips this particular card, it imbues him with the Dark Attack Up buff, but it’s also well-suited to other Slack Attack-oriented units.

UR Duane, UR “Irresistible Darkness”

Global Festival Login Bonus
From December 23 to January 5, players can obtain up to 50 Duane unit shards, used to enhance their own UR Duane unit, and Global Festival Medals A simply by logging into the game. Players can exchange these medals for unit and vision card shards in the in-game Global Festival Medals Exchange Shops.

Duane Release Celebration Training Challenge Missions
Players can obtain up to 120 Duane unit shards and other exciting rewards by clearing these limited-time Challenge Missions

A Present from Global Producer Hiroki – 2021 Countdown Free 10x Summon*

Players can celebrate the countdown to the new year by performing one free 10x Summon daily for a total of 90 summons. This daily summon guarantees one unit or vision card of MR rarity or higher.

  • A Present from Global Producer Hiroki
  • Updates

#6 Video Release

To celebrate the release of the sixth episode of the WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS Updates series, all players will be awarded a special gift of various in-game items, including 2,000 Visiore, 20 million gil, one Rainbow Fragment of Thought, three Rainbow Vision Spheres and more.

Additional New Units

  • Players can attempt to summon UR Luartha and MR Tyytas from December 23 until January 5. Players can also challenge their character quests and hard quests to obtain character shards and valuable enhancement materials.
  • UR Luartha is a Fire-element Dual Gunner and can perform the Limit Burst “Speed Break Shot,” which deals 2-hit large damage to targets within range and also lowers their AGI for three turns.
  • MR Tyytas is a Dark-element Paladin and can perform the ability “Saintly Wall,” which bestows a barrier on himself that reduces Phys Dmg incurred three times.

Additional Updates

  • Main Story Chapter 11, Scene 1 released for all players.


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