The Best Free to Play Games of 2020

Written by Louis

December 27, 2020

Sweet video game deals for your quarantine enjoyment.

2020 gave us a lot of time to play more video games, “a lot” meaning 30 minutes than usual. As the majority of industries took a pause, gaming did not take a complete break as developers and publishers still managed to put out games. From big AAAs to soon to be classic indies, there was still a lot that we gamers can pick from in terms of game variety. Paid games aren’t the only things that took us by storm this year, as free to play titles also became a part of our gaming experience. Technically, free to play games are not completely free as they come with numerous microtransaction varieties, but what the heck, anything that lets me play as a demigod that controls the power of the wind without having to pay upfront is nothing less of a sweet deal to me. Anyway, if you’re looking to catch up on this year’s talk of the F2P town, here’s 2020’s 5 best free to play video game titles that you can pick-up and play right now.

Among Us
Android, iOS, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

Originally released in 2018, Among Us suddenly took the world by storm thanks to its popularity on streaming platforms. It’s 2020 popularity spike is attributed mainly to streamer Sodapoppin (or at least that’s what he said), and continuously sustained by other popular Internet stars like Pewdiepie, Mr.Beast,xQc, Shroud, and Ninja. The Among Us craze saw the game download count hitting more than 100 million last September and a peak of 3.8 million concurrent players worldwide. The Among Us popularity was not contained within gaming as the brand itself leaked to the larger internet space. From memes, fanart, and even merchandise, almost everyone was on the Among Us craze as people tried to find out who among their friends is sus, and, well, trying to finish a scan at Medbay.

Riot Games
Windows PC

The first non-League of Legends related IP dropped early this year and boy did it have everyone clamoring for a beta key drop. That’s right folks if you were wondering why your FPS enthusiast buddy is suddenly having 10 Twitch tabs open then it’s probably because they were hoping for a beta invite drop from even the newest VALORANT streamer. The game itself is pretty good and can satisfy both your relatively casual and competitive FPS needs. While an argument that it’s nothing more than a CS clone can be made, one thing that stands out with VALORANT is Riot Game’s signature character-background design contrast. Just like in League of Legends characters, or Agents, easily stand out against the monotone background meaning that you can clearly see who landed that headshot on you instead of experiencing the usual, “got headshot by a shadow of a dark pixel hiding behind 3 walls from 300 meters away”. Also, did we mention that the game is free to play?

Call of Duty: Warzone
Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Now here’s something unexpected from this year. If you’re looking for your fill of FPs but leaning towards the more fast-paced, shoot and run then Activision has your fix. Surprising the world by releasing it as a free to play game title, Call of Duty: Warzone is Activision’s battle royale spin to the Modern Warfare franchise that features the same hard-hitting, achievement farming, shoot-them-with-hellfire missiles appeal of the Modern Warfare multiplayer. This game is not for the hide until it becomes a 1-on-1 type of Battler Royale though, no, as objectives are placed around the map, and as well as bounties that will get you hunting down enemy teams or dealing with the hunters. Squad up, pick your drop point, loot, and start shooting your way to top 1, just don’t mind the horrendous file size.

League of Legends: Wild Rift
Riot Games
Android, iOS

Coming at you live, real, real wild on mobile devices is the much-anticipated spinoff of the popular League of Legends PC MOBA, League of Legends: Wild Rift. Aiming to dominate the mobile MOBA market much like how they’re dominant on the PC for 2020, Wilf Rift brings nothing less but the League of Legends experience to mobile users, only a little more fast-paced but with the same brand of salt and competitiveness that we all hate and love at the same time. It’s nowhere near to dethrone whichever game is at the top of the ranks for mobile MOBAs just yet though but given how they managed to grow League of Legends from “just another Dota copycat” into a league of its own, it’s pretty exciting how Riot Games’ handles this one from the community to esports standpoint. Also, FFS, release Teemo already.

Genshin Impact
Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, PlayStation 4

MMORPG fans are of course not left out as this year’s biggest free-to-play video game offering came in the way of an MMORPG. Developed and published by miHoYo, Genshin Impact released with an impact instantly becoming a hit. Combining traditional MMORP tropes, solo play open-world mechanics and, because why not, Gacha, the game’s blend of mundanity and aesthetic worked surprisingly well, really well that its first month alone saw 17 million downloads with the number still rising. What’s more, the game just had its major and expansive game update that adds not just more quests and gacha characters to collect but also more areas to explore and well, mountains to climb.





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