Skylanders Ring of Heroes releases additional update with new portal master and characters

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December 28, 2020


Com2uS announced that they will be releasing an additional update with a new portal maser and characters for Skylanders Ring of Heroes.

Skylanders is a new kind of a turn-based RPG created based on Activision’s IP. The game provides the fun of collecting and upgrading Skylanders with colorful and unique characteristics, and the pleasure of strategic battles with various skills.

Com2uS plans to add the fun of collecting new characters, forming decks and the variety of strategic battles through the update.

First, a new portal master, Ryeo was added through the update. As a player that controls the battlefield, each Portal Master possesses unique skills. Users will be able to make the battle more exciting by utilizing Ryeo, which provides a different attack buff than the existing portal masters.

Two new Skylander characters, Mysticat and Chopscotch, were also added. The legendary character Mysticat has a powerful ability to recover allies’ HP and grant immunity against harmful effects. Chopscotch is a defend type character, known as a “tanker for tankers” that neutralizes the power of the opponent’s tankers.

Com2uS also organized a commemorative event for the upcoming holiday season with the addition of a new portal master and characters.

From the 24th to January 7th, a daily attendance event will be held for all users to provide abundant game goods and items. In addition, a wheel event will be held where users can acquire tickets by completing various missions within the game to get rewards such as summon tickets.

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