Windows 10 in 2020 – What are Its Main Perks?

Written by Chad

December 30, 2020

With the newest version of Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced a lot of features that can be considered innovative. Together with the interface, its improvements have been widely appreciated by the users. Why Windows 10 remain to be the most commonly chosen system on a global scale?

Bill Gates’ company is a real big fish – aside from Apple, it doesn’t have any competitors on the market. Still, the enterprise founded by Steve Jobs doesn’t even come close to Microsoft in the context of global popularity. That originates in the longer existence of the company on the market – it has entered it in the 80s – but also the business approach that Microsoft has adopted.


The Microsoft approach – what opportunities and challenges do it pose?

Instead of limiting the adjustability of their system to their own equipment, they have decided to make it work on devices of various producers. That makes Windows easily accessible but also generates challenges. The system instabilities and bugs are almost unavoidable when the system is supposed to be compatible with so many kinds of software and equipment.


The updates in Microsoft 10

That problem has become visible with the system updates – the users often complained that after installing them, Windows has started working incorrectly. It would occur most often in Windows 8 – now, with Windows 10, the reports on system instability and errors are definitely rarer. Note that in 2019, Microsoft has decided to pass the authorization of the updates to the side of the user. Before they were implemented automatically, and now you can decide whether you want to install them or not.


The newest version of Microsoft 10 – what improvements does it include?

Introducing the new version of Microsoft 10 in 2020, the Microsoft team has decided to replace Internet Explorer – a browser that anyone would barely ever use – with Microsoft Edge. Its design is simple and intuitive, and the features keep pace with the other browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, or Mozilla Firefox.

Among other adjustments there are:

  • anti-phishing technologies and other security measures;
  • support for encryption;
  • build-in apps
  • a personal digital assistant that learns and adjusts to your needs;
  • a refreshed, simple interface


No wonder why Microsoft keeps its number one position on the market as the provider of the most universal system that constantly evolves. If you are searching for Windows 10 best price, you may consider checking up Gamivo market, which offers the newest version of the system with a discount.

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