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Written by Chad

January 4, 2021

Online gaming in the modern era has become so much more than it ever was even just a decade ago, with gaming streamers and Esports players becoming some of the biggest celebrities in the world, and the industry’s awards nights rivaling those seen for music or film.

Perhaps then it is no surprise that online gaming itself is being taken a whole lot more seriously, as players not only compete against one another for the glory but even with ideas of one day turning their favorite hobby into a career.

This in turn has led to people all around the world trying to find innovative ways to improve their gaming performance, be that through extra practice, training programs, or study.

In this article, we look at those gaming tutorials and training resources that really do have the power to take dedicated students all the way to the top of their chosen online game.

More and more gamers are hitting the books or online training courses as they try to take their gaming abilities to a higher plain


Ensure You Know the Basics Before Buying a Training or Study Program

With so many training sites and apps out there, it can sometimes be tempting as a player to get ahead of yourself, splashing cash left, right, and center as you search for that springboard that will have you competing with veterans of popular games in no time.

If it were all as easy as just paying to instantly acquire knowledge, everyone would be an expert at online games in a flash, so of course, the reality is that before any gamer dives headfirst into a complex training program, they should first of all ensure that they have a strong grasp of the basics of the game they want to tackle. To this end, there are no shortage of free resources online, such as those found at Lichess.org, PokerStars, and 247backgammon.org. Sometimes it is simply a case of reading a few enlightening paragraphs of the rules and in other instances, there are short video tutorials to set players on their way.

Once you know the basics of any game like the back of your hand, only then should you begin venturing further afield for the training and study programs developed by online gaming pros and grandmasters.

With so many variables at play in online games like chess, poker, and backgammon, there is almost no limit to the amount of studying a player can undertake


Learning by Watching

Another way that gamers are getting to grips with popular online games quicker is by watching how the best in the business do things, via live streams on platforms such as Twitch or YouTube.

Whether players want to brush up on the latest trend in a battle royale game or in the latest incarnation of Texas Hold’em poker, there are engaging streamers out there like Lex Veldhuis, Zlaner, and Dr Disrespect who are all creating enlightening content most days of the week.

Hardcore Training Apps and Sites

As with anything in life, when you first pick gaming up you tend to advance at a rapid rate, only for your progress to plateau.

At this point many players make the mistake of giving up and moving on to a new game in the hope they can master that one, or just keep ploughing on regardless, making tiny improvements here or there.

However, the only proven way to get the satisfaction of markedly improving is to enroll in a training program, many of which are run by people with years of experience and knowhow.

Some of the best of these at the moment are Upswing Poker, Play Magnus, and Run It Up, which all give their subscribers the tools they will need to win on a regular basis.

Coaching Can Help Too

Last but not least there are coaches offering their services online, who can sometimes be useful if you are a high-level player looking to make some key tweaks to your game.

Some of the best coaches for online games can be found at Fiverr and Gamer Sensei.

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