Reasons Why Retro Gaming is Still Popular

Written by Chad

January 19, 2021


New ultra-high-resolution video games are launched every day, with an amazing array of immersive platforms to satisfy all tastes. But it’s hard not to pine for the simpler days of the arcade period – the best retro games. These marvels of programming and art tell fantastic stories and are the ideal weapon, at least for a few hours, to help you escape the monotonous vibe of daily life.

What are the Retro Games?

Retro gaming also referred to as old-school gaming, retro gaming, and occasionally vintage gaming is currently used to play older generation consoles, computers, mobile games, and arcade games. Retro games, as cited in, give players a chance to explore the world of swords and sorcery, foul creatures, and great heroes. Knowing that these days, retro games are still played by millions of people worldwide, these games must really have something unique in them, because if there’s none, then they must have been forgotten already.

If you are on the hunt for some of the best retro games, you can find plenty of choices on this website and similar others that offer a wide selection of arcade games from different generations that can be enjoyed on various platforms. You can also choose from a variety of consoles and devices to play these timeless titles on – allowing you to bring back all those nostalgic memories in high definition!

But given how people’s preferences in gaming have changed, retro gaming companies are forced to employ innovative strategies to be able to compete with modern-day games. As to the characters, developers have provided different language translations of the games so that it can be made sensible to other cultures. A perfect example of this would be Super Mario, an iconic retro game character known by all youngsters in the 90’s.

Best Retro Games of All Times

And while retro games never really went out of style (think of Pac-Man or Mario Bros., whose re-releases inspire a whole new generation of players to fall in love with them), when retailers started launching versions of old games that could be played on new platforms, retro gaming saw a rise in popularity.

In the 1970s, marked by the introduction of the Magnavox Odyssey in1972, the first video game consoles appeared. In 1973, the arcade classic Pong was so successful that machines each received quarters of around $200 a week “The “computer wars” in which big game players will compete openly, such as Sega pretending to do “Nintendo’s,” is affectionately recalled by many gamers of the 1990s.

These are the best arcade games that make us misty-eyed: Super Mario Bros, Street Fighter II Turbo, Tetris, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, Ms. Pac-Man, Manic Miner, Outrun, and Paperboy.


Why Retro Gaming is still Popular Today

A study shows that nostalgia made retro video games popular again. In the said study, video game experiences were enough to trigger nostalgia that, in fact, made gamers feel a little closer to those around them right now. The reasons why this genre continues to be popular are because the aesthetics of the 16-bit period are timeless, and the gameplay is as polished as it comes. The classic games are still profitable today and are still being sold by the owners of their respective IPs in digital formats. Lastly, retro games have great gameplay design.

On individuals who played these games “back in the day,” old-school video gaming can elicit a deep, wistful feeling. The experience blends a sense of familiarity with some escapism, bringing back all kinds of happy thoughts and feelings that are fun to the player. It’s like thumbing through old memories, with each one leading us on a little trip to the idealized remembrance of our past years in the Wayback Machine.


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