Geeks and Gamers Guide Show Returns this Thursday

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January 20, 2021

Geeks and Gamers Guide ​ is coming back! Hosts Aaron and Lyka return the airwaves to give you the lowdown on all things videogames and geek culture starting this coming Thursday, Jan. 8, and every Thursday at 8PM GMT+8 ​ with an encore telecast at  One Sports  UHF channel 41 in Metro Manila  every Sunday at 11PM GMT+8

Geeks and Gamers Guide is a show by the geeks, for the geeks, and about the geeks. It’s a variety show where the focus is on the nerdy things that we love to watch, play and enjoy. From videogames, lightsabers, TV shows, movies, and toys, GGG is a virtual loot crate filled to the brim with all your favorite geeky content.

Look out for interviews with your favorite geek and gaming personalities, unboxings of the latest nerdy merch as well features of Y​OUR ​epic gamer clips and moments just to name a few!


Meet the Hosts!

As we journey through the vast open nerdscape, we’re going to need some fun and interesting guides to show us the sights and give us the inside scoop on everything going down. Luckily, Geeks and Gamers Guide has two of the best and nerdiest hosts around!

Most people know our GGG guide, ​ Aaron Atayde ​ from his work as one of the hosts of ESPN 5 Sportscenter, his exciting, contagious energy on the PBA commentary table,​ from his stint as radio DJ with Magic 89.9 ​or his podcasts Shot of Sanity ​ and Jump Thru Hoops. However, not a lot of people know that Aaron has always been a massive geek as well. He’s all about squading up with his crew on Apex Legends​ or ​ Fortnite​, He claims FIFA is the greatest sports game of all time (take it up with him), and actually got into doing commentary work by practicing his craft in NBA 2K with his friends!

Read more about Aaron with our interview here!​

GGG Guide Lyka Mea ​ is a Twitch streamer, a host, a Nationals​ correspondent, and—believe it or not—a licensed architect! Lyka definitely changes the blueprint on what it means to be a geek!

She can be frequently spotted on her Twitch and FB Gaming ​ Streams handing out headshots in Valorant, Call of Duty,​ and other assorted shooters; dropping hilarious skits on Tiktok; or bringing home cool and interesting finds for her international beer can collection!

Get to know more about Lyka here!


You won’t want to miss it!

Catch Geeks and Gamers Guide starting tomorrow and every Thursday at 8 PM GMT+8 on the GG Network Facebook Page.​ If you miss the Thursday stream don’t rage! There’s an encore telecast on One Sports ​ every Sunday at 11 PM GMT+8


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