Pre-Order for Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection Starts Today

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January 27, 2021

Are you prepared to CHALLENGE AGAIN? You won’t have to wait long to take up your lance and charge into the demon realm to Arthur on his latest rescue mission – Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection launches on Nintendo Switch on 25th February! Hit the jump for all the latest on the legendary knight’s latest adventure, including a new trailer complete with a few spooky surprises that are sure to delight long-time GnG fans.

Pre-Order Starts Today! Pre-Order now to play the game immediately on release day!

From today (Wednesday, 27th January), players can pre-order Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection on Nintendo eShop! Players who complete pre-ordering, the game will be downloaded before the game launch and you can play immediately on the release day! For further information, please visit Nintendo official website.

■Nintendo Official Website:

Beating it Just Once Won’t Cut It! A World of Shadows Awaits in Your Next Playthrough!

True to its roots, Resurrection can’t be completed in just one playthrough!

After your first playthrough, any stages that have been completed will take on a completely different form in subsequent playthroughs. These transformed stages are called Shadow Stages. In addition to their darker aesthetic, the types of enemies and gameplay elements encountered will also be totally changed.

Ominous Black Treasure Chests: Guiding You to a Certain Somewhere…

In each stage, you can find special black treasure chests which differ from the normal chests found throughout the Demon Realm. These peculiar black treasure chests are more difficult to find than the normal variety. Destroy one and an Alablaster will appear. If you’re able to defeat it, a change will occur somewhere in the stage, guiding you to a normally inaccessible den of demons—a Hell Hole.

Collect all Demon Orbs in each stage to see what will happen

On his journey, Arthur will be able to acquire suspicious glowing items called Demon Orbs. It’s unclear how many Demon Orbs exist in each stage, but surely something good will happen upon collecting them all, right? Why don’t you try and see what happens?

Chock Full of “Challenges” Complete them and dominate the Demon Realm

Resurrection comes packed with a wide array of “challenges” for the player to tackle, such as collecting a certain number of specific items or learning all of the game’s spells. We’ve prepared a number of brutally difficult ones as well. We hope players give them a shot!



In Zone 2, Arthur will take two distinct stages inspired by Ghosts ‘N Goblins and Ghouls ‘N Ghosts.

Stage “Crystalline City”

Don’t slip as you explore the frozen terrain of “Snow Shoggoth’s Square” and make clever use of barrel bombs to fall your enemies as you ascend the “Giants’ Tower.”

Stage “Hellfire Hamlet”

In the first half, struggle against sand and wind in the “Antlions’ Nest.”
If successful, you’ll make it to the burning “Fire Fennecs’ Clocktower.” Both areas will require complete awareness of Arthur’s surroundings to proceed.

A fusion of new elements and those inspired by Ghosts and Ghouls await Arthur in the Stages of Zones 3 & 4.

Stage “Caverns of the Occult”

Go spelunking through the candlelit “Mephisto’s Grotto.” But beware! There are enemies that can only be seen in complete darkness. Attacking these Arcandles will snuff them for a time. Then you’ll be greeted by the bottomless “Stone Dragons’ Drop,” where you’ll ride on dragonback to cross the chasm. Be sure to time your jumps well as you mount these beasts.

Stage “Citadel Approach”

This “Underground Labyrinth,” which spans the entire stage, serves as the entrance to the Shadowlord’s Citadel and will demand precise control over Arthur. In the first half, the walls are littered with eyes that will spawn demons if carelessly hit by an attack. In the final half, the walls themselves come alive and collapse around Arthur. Watch your step and proceed with caution!


Employ Arthur’s Diverse Arsenal to Battle Your Way Through the Demon Realm!

Discus – Can be sent spinning along the terrain by throwing it while crouched or by hitting the ground at an angle.

Crossbow – This tricky weapon shoots arrows of flame in two diagonal directions.

Shield – Can be used to deflect enemy projectiles, but has a short range.

A Magnitude of Magic Spells Trouble for Arthur’s Foes!

Transmogrifrog – Turns all enemies on screen into frogs. Affects stronger enemies at higher levels.

Umbral Net – Cast a magic net to catch all Umbral Bees and Money Bees on screen.

Doppelgänger – Temporarily reproduces a mirror image of Arthur who will join him in attacking. Number of copies increases at higher levels.


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