Skylanders Ring of Heroes Official Release in Asia

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January 27, 2021

Mobile game company Com2uS officially released Skylanders Ring of Heroes in South Korea and Asia. Skylanders Ring of Heroes is a newly created team turn-based RPG for mobile devices that have used the IP of a powerful console game of Activision.

“Team Turn-based RPG” is a method of strategically using the skills of each character based on mana shared by the entire team. During a turn, the players will go head to head by engaging in fierce battles considering the characteristics of each character’s skills and the amount of mana consumption. “Portal Masters,” who commands the battlefield, also possess unique skills and abilities based on the traits, adding to the fun of the deck composition and battle.

“Skylanders” features more than 80 characters that have already gained huge popularity in the global game and content market. The players can collect and grow unique characters and use their own team deck strategies.

Also, “Skylanders” provides a story-based PvE adventure scenario and a constant stream of entertainment, including PvP battles. The Adventures content is divided into distinct types of islands and sub-stages, and it provides various upgrade materials and game items to help the players build a stronger team composition. In addition, numerous dungeons, as well as arena contents, which are held in a non-synchronous manner with other players, provide a thrilling sense of battle.

Com2uS will be hosting various events with the official release of “Skylanders” in Korea and Asia to welcome players. The players will earn game points by playing the Adventures content to exchange with various items and get various upgrade game money, including the Premium Summon Ticket, every day through the check-in event. Apart from the in-game events, Skylanders communities run assorted events to welcome the players.

More detailed information on the events and the game can be found at Skylanders Ring of Heroes official brand site at (

Official fanpage of Skylanders:

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