Get Doctor Strange as a Legendary Card as He Joins Marvel Duel

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January 28, 2021

In the forthcoming all-new MARVEL Duel season, Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme, will join the battle against the dread lord Dormammu in the supernatural battle of the year! Along with a new Super Hero, the new season packs in more than 20 new cards, a brand-new Battlefield design and a host of seasonal events as part of the huge new update. Now, players who log in to the game can receive a copy of the legendary card – Doctor Strange immediately.

The notorious Super-Villain and ruler of the Dark Dimension, Dormammu, starts his invasion into the MARVEL Duel universe. This time, Doctor Strange will use mystic arts to fight against Dormammu with other sorcerers from Marvel history on a brand-new Battlefield design recreating his iconic Sanctum Sanctorum. This gorgeous setting is brought to life, complete with mysterious treasures, including the Eye of Agamotto, through fantastic visual effects and an entirely new battle experience.

Doctor Strange brings more to proceedings than meets the eye. Using his portals, he can summon other sorcerers during battles. Additionally, a new companion, the Cloak of Levitation will be released in this update, which will bring more familiarly enchanting moments for Marvel fans.

Additionally, more than 20 newly released cards will allow players a host of new strategies and opportunities to experience MARVEL Duel in an entirely different way.

Finally, MARVEL Duel’s Lunar New Year celebrations will usher in a series of new events for all players. The Doctor Strange Season Event and Lunar New Year special events feature a new card back, new emojis, and some truly massive rewards. Celebrate the New Year and Doctor Strange’s release in MARVEL Duel now!

ASSEMBLE YOUR DECK AND SAVE THE UNIVERSE! Download MARVEL Duel now and take your place in the Marvel Universe, no matter where you are!


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