The Onmyoji English Server 3rd Anniversary Starts Today

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February 8, 2021

NetEase Games announced today that the third anniversary on the English server of its popular turn-based RPG, Onmyoji, will start on February 8. The theme of the anniversary is Grandiose Feast, which is the final stage of the event after the celebration of the traditional Chinese and Japanese servers! The brand new shikigami Nightveil Higanbana has arrived. In addition, six great benefits await you! The third anniversary is held between 8th February and 21st February.

Brand new shikigami SP Nightveil Higanbana has arrived

Nightveil Higanbana is a spirit who lives in the Sanzu River, disguised as a ferryman. The prayers and obsessions of the souls who crossed the river constructed her form and soul, and the lost souls became her flower foam. With this, a sea of flowers as bright as fire paves a Path of Flames. However, Enma, the Lady of the Underworld, could not allow this mere bonsai to continue to grow widely, so she set fire to the sea of flowers. Although the blazing fire burned up Higanbana’s flowers and leaves, it could not cut off the souls’ obsessions. The slumbering Higanbana still carries away the souls away by fulfilling their wishes, and is blooming again on their dry bones. Her original and most loyal servant, Odokuro, will surely watch over Higanbana and continue to listen to the souls’ obsessions.

This shikigami possesses three basic skills:

[Fallen Flower] Casts a red spider lily at the target, dealing damage equal to 100% of her ATK.

[Withering Blooms] Loses 40% of her current HP to cast 6 Nether Seeds at all enemies, prioritizing targets with fewer Nether Seeds, then she becomes Dormant. At the start of her turn, if she’s Dormant, she collects all the Nether Seeds (maxed at 3 stacks collected) and gains an equal amount of Nether Flowers. Then she leaves Dormant.

[Doom to Underworld] Orders Odokuro to wield his blade and attack all enemies.


Six-anniversary benefits and free SSR/SP shikigami await

After maintenance on February 8 – 23:59, February 21, players can log in to the English version of Onmyoji to celebrate the third anniversary. The anniversary celebration offers six great benefits and shikigami giveaways.


Anniversary Benefit 1
Uncollected SP/SSR Shikigami Summon Event
Event Time: After maintenance on February 8th~23:59 February 21th (EST)

During the event, summon via Mystery Amulet, Jade or AR Amulet to enjoy bonuses including:

  • Uncollected SP/SSR
  • SP/SSR Chance Up by 2.5 Times
  • Blessed Amulet

Anniversary Benefit 2

SP/SSR Shikigami Guaranteed

Event Time: After maintenance on February 8th to 23:59 February 21st(EST)

During the event, after your 120th summon via Mystery Amulet, Jade, or AR Amulet, you will get a random SP/SSR Shikigami

Anniversary Benefit 3

Mystery Amulet*10

Event Time: 23:59 February 8th-23:59 February 16th(EST)

Join the Countdown Party in town! Count down to zero and ring the bell! Get Mystery Amulet*10 from Paper Doll!

Anniversary Benefit 4

Birthday Edition Demon Parade Start!

Event Time: After maintenance on February 8th~23:59 February 14th (EST)

Birthday Paper Doll appears in Birthday Parade. Throw beans to it and when the number of Birthday Paper Dolls hit by all players reaches a certain milestone, all players are eligible to receive a random SSR/SP Shikigami.

Anniversary Benefit 5

Skin Shop Discount Event Open!

Event Time: After maintenance on February 8th~23:59 February 14th (EST)

During the event, all the skins in Skin Shop(purchased with either Skin Token or S-Jade) enjoy a 20% discount.

During the third anniversary celebration, players can get a free Mystery Amulet as a login bonus every day. At the same time, the event offers a 2.5 times increase in SP/SSR drop rates, and guarantees an uncollected shikigami drop for the first SP/SSR summon.

In addition, there is a limited-time 30% off of a vast selection of skins, free Jade Packs, and random SP/SSR shikigami drops. Explore all the benefits of the third-anniversary celebration!

Anniversary Benefit 6

Rookie Perks changes and card pool upgrade.

The third anniversary also has great benefits in store for new players. In the third-anniversary rookie event, the “Come on My SSR” card pool received a huge upgrade. Not only has the initial x10 card pool been updated, the card pool itself has also been greatly expanded to bring more benefits to new players.


At the same time, new players’ login rewards are updated. Players can log in on the day of the event to get an SR Ubume, which will help them to become so much stronger. In addition, this anniversary update has also improved the special growth fund, making the purchase of the fund available for all players on the server.

The Onmyoji 3-Year Anniversary celebration begins today! For more celebration information and benefits, please check the official website of the third anniversary:

Since its launch in 2016, Onmyoji (iOS/Android) has become popular the world over, attracting more than 200 million downloads. Please follow the official SNS and visit the official website for more information.

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