Tokusatsu Fans can go Stylish with HENSHIN by Kamen Rider Fashion Brand

Written by Chad

February 12, 2021

Now you can go all out as a Kamen Rider fan in style.

Kamen Rider fans can rejoice as more themed apparel is being released courtesy of Bandai. HENSHIN by Kamen Rider is a fashion brand that reinterpreting the Kamen Rider design with stylish footwear and shirts not just for the fans, but also for those who want to look stylish. The brand is currently having collaborations with other fashion brands and designers such as Fumito Ganryu and ANREALAGE.

Currently, the featured Kamen Riders are from the Heisei era which includes 555 (Faiz), W (Double) and Kuuga, though more are expected to be featured in the coming months.

It already began its rollout in Japan and Hong Kong last February 10 where they are selling sneakers, shirts, hoodies and caps, it is expected to release more types of apparel in the future.

Several pop up stores are being opened in Japan to promote the line, and for those who aren’t in Japan and wants to purchase, they can head on to the official HENSHIN by Kamen Rider website.


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