11 New Cards Join Marvel Duel’s Mystic Lore Season

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March 9, 2021

In the upcoming brand-new season, Mystic Lore, the new mystical mechanic, will appear on the battlefield of MARVEL Duel to bring infinite powers and possibilities along with two additional powerful characters, an exquisite Star-Lord Card Back, and more! There is also a mysterious new Companion that will join you on the battlefield for a quick soccer game, as well as special extra rewards each weekend for the players who top-up in store. Log in to the game and discover more secrets lies behind the update.

The mysterious power – “Mystic Lore”, strengthens all nine Super Heroes in the battle against the Dark Dimension, granting them either new abilities or enhanced equipment. Two additional characters also appear to support the Heroes in using this power. These cards will magically appear on the battlefield with a unique summoning method. Every three “Lore” cards Players purchase can potentially lead to a discovery on the fourth card from the card pool. The appearance of “Lore” cards offers Players a host of new strategies and opportunities to experience Marvel Duel from a more flexible and involved perspective.

Finally, MARVEL Duel’s New Season Pass features a new stunning Star-Lord card back – “Galactic Jams”, new interactive emojis, and some truly massive rewards. Starting this season, Players also have the opportunity to choose and receive two Hero Pack Vouchers each weekend by topping up any amount in the shop each week.


Additionally, there will be a new mysterious companion to join on the battlefield who is highly skilled in soccer. Stay tuned and log in to MARVEL Duel to catch the latest updates as the exciting journey continues!



Download MARVEL Duel now and take your place in the Marvel Universe, no matter where you are: https://go.onelink.me/HWhk?pid=lh3na&c=s8pr!

*MARVEL Duel will be available in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia. (MARVEL Duel is not a global release title.)

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