Latest Monster Hunter Rise Presentation Reveals more Details on Rampage, New Monsters and Switch Skills

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March 10, 2021

Monster Hunter Rise, which will launch on Nintendo Switch on 26 Mar 2021, has released the 5th trailer. Zinogre and Nargacuga will make their returns in MHR. Details of the new Rampage Quest are also unveiled.


The physical manifestation of lightning makes its shocking return! Sharp claws and strong limbs allow it to thrive in mountainous terrain. During hunts, it gathers numerous Thunderbugs to boost its power and enter a supercharged state.


The master of speed and mobility is back to run circles around you! Covered in jet black fur, this cunning predator stalks its prey from the shadows and attacks with stunning agility. Its massive tail is as dexterous as it is deadly and powerful enough to slay smaller monsters with one strike.


Fend off hordes of monsters in The Rampage

This is a new quest type where you have to protect Kamura Village from hordes of monsters. Use Hunting Installations and occasionally get up-close and personal to complete these quests!

The Stage of Battle: The Stronghold

Kamura Village was almost wiped out during The Rampage 50 years ago. To prevent this from happening again, the villagers put their technological knowledge together to develop the Stronghold.  This is where you’ll face the calamity, alongside friends from the village. You’ll have to make use of its solid defense and various Hunting Installations to protect your hometown from monsters

Waves of monsters are on their way! Hunts on a scale like never before! Numerous monsters attack in hordes, led by a Major Threat. The place is crawling with large monsters… As its name implies, the Major Threat is larger and stronger than your average monster.

Various Hunting Installations

Your friends will help you out too! Use Hunting Installations to give the monsters a warm welcome!

During these quests, you can use special Hunting Installations that were developed for the sole purpose of stopping the Rampage. Make use of the prep time in-between monster hordes to place these devices all over the Stronghold.

There are three main types of installations. Make sure you use the right one for each situation and objective.

  • Manned Type: Ballistae, cannons, etc. Requires a mounted hunter to fire.
  • Auto Type: Activates automatically in certain cases. Examples include Defender Ballistae, which attack nearby monsters.
  • Limited Supply Type: Only a certain number of these can be set up, so you may call on Hinoa and Minoto for help, for instance.


Upgrade the Stronghold to unlock installations!

Repel monsters to increase the level of the Stronghold. As the level increases, you’ll get to place new kinds of Hunting Installations. Unlock new weapons like Machine Cannons to unleash a hail of bullets!

Counter Signal

When the Counter Signal is activated, all hunters get raring to go, and gain a significant increase in their attack. This is the time to pick up your weapon and get up-close and personal!

The biggest threat of all: Apexes

Apexes are even stronger than regular monsters!

Apex Arzuros

An Arzuros so mighty, it was crowned an Apex.

It is eternally possessed by wrath and terror, possibly due to the myriad wounds that cover its body. It’s clear just by looking at it, that it possesses immense strength… The fear it inspires in the villagers is a testament to how much more powerful than a regular Arzuros it is.


New Feature: Switch Skills

As you progress in the game, you’ll unlock the ability to switch out certain regular attacks and Silkbind Attacks at will. Each weapon has three types of these Switch Skills, granting you a larger repertoire of moves. This new feature greatly enhances the options available to you in combat.


Get Together in Multiplayer

Quest Types and Difficulty

There are Village Quest, which are Single Player only, and Hub Quests, which can be taken on solo or in Multiplayer. Talk to the respective maidens to take on the quest you want.

Hub Quests have 4 levels of difficulty depending on the number of players, and the difficulty will adapt on the fly as players join or leave. The difficulty is always optimized for the number of players!


Connect to other hunters anywhere you want!

There are two ways of engaging in Multiplayer: by gathering in a Lobby and visiting the various facilities at your base, or by responding to Join Requests and participating in quests that are already underway.

Gathering in a Lobby

Lobbies are places for gathering with other players during Multiplayer sessions. Up to four players can join a Lobby, and any player can instigate a quest using the Quest Board at the Gathering Hub.

Prepare for your hunts by visiting the various facilities at Kamura Village and the Gathering Hub, going to the Buddy Plaza to manage your Buddies, and testing your moves at the Training Area. You can use gestures and the chat function to communicate with other players!

Responding to Join Requests (Online Co-op Only)

Join Requests are a useful online feature that allows you to ask other players to join your quests. Only the Quest Host can use this feature, either while out in the field, or by selecting “Accept via Join Request” when you take on a quest. Other players will be able to join your quests halfway, so use this feature if you need some help. Players who join in halfway will still be able to receive rewards. If you help out a hunter with a lower Hunter Rank than you, you’ll also get a “Helper Reward,” so it’s worth lending other players a hand even for quests you’ve already finished!


New Features to Facilitate Matchmaking

There are two new features to hook up with players who have the same objectives or playstyle as you.

Hunter Connect

This feature allows you to set optional tags to match with other players. When creating a Hunter Connect, you can add optional tags (the Connect Name), activity time, and a shoutout. You can make your own Hunter Connect or be invited to join one by another player.

You can also create a Lobby that can only be found by players using the same Hunter Connect, by specifying the Hunter Connect you’re currently using when creating the Lobby. This makes it much easier to find players who have the same objectives and playstyle as you!


This feature allows you to hook up again with players you’ve already met before. When you complete a quest in Multiplayer, you can send a “Like” to other players before you return to the village. Send someone a Like to show you admire their skills! If two players send each other a Like, they will become Mutual Likes. This allows you to find and join the Lobby the other player is in. This makes it much easier to find the same players again after you leave a quest or Lobby!


The Monster Hunter Rise Demo Version 2 coming on March 12, upgraded with a new quest to slay Magnamalo!

The demo that was released in January and contained basic training as well as a few hunts using all 14 weapon types, has been upgraded with a new quest to slay Magnamalo! The new Magnamalo quest is an Advanced difficulty quest, tailor-made for the demo. You’ll have to fight it with a fixed equipment, making it even tougher than normal, so only the confident need to apply!

If you’re playing the demo for the first time: You can download the “Monster Hunter Rise Demo Version2” from the Nintendo eShop on Friday, March 12, 2021.

If you’ve already downloaded the “Monster Hunter Rise Demo” in January: You can update to the “Monster Hunter Rise Demo Version2” by downloading the updated data from the Nintendo eShop on Friday, March 12, 2021

Once the update is finished, your number of remaining quests will be reset to 30.

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