Gamevil launches Arcana Tactics worldwide

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March 11, 2021

Global mobile game publisher Gamevil has announced the worldwide launch of its new Strategic Random Defense RPG game, Arcana Tactics, on both Google Play and Apple App Store.

Originally developed and released in Korea in 2019 by Tikitaka Studio, the game is completely renewed by Gamevil under the name of ‘Arcana Tactics: Revolver’ in Korea and ‘Arcana Tactics’ in global. This game is a strategic tower defense RPG that combines randomly given heroes and various items such as ‘gems’ and ‘cubes’ to create a higher level hero and defeats the enemies within a certain amount of time.

After the CBT period back in January this year, it seems like Gamevil has been actively listening to the feedback of players and they also made some great improvements with Arcana Tactics content, such as its storyline, game modes, UX/UI, and illustrations.

Gamers around the world will be immersed in the dramatic battles with real-time Popularity Mode (PvP), along with Cooperative Mode (PvE) that emphasizes cooperation and linkage play between the players. In addition, the entry barrier has been significantly lowered by improving the hero combination method and shortening the playtime.

Arcana Tactics is planning to set the target in the global market, such as Japan and North America, by applying the know-how operation of Gamevil, a mobile game publishing powerhouse. This time, Gamevil is determined to create a new wind in the global mobile game with Arcana Tactics.


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