Golftopia 1.0 Is Teed up To Launch Today on Steam

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March 31, 2021

MinMax Games invites you once again to build your own high-tech mega golf course, but will it be a utopian dream or dystopian nightmare?  It’s up to you! Either way, the future of golf is here to stay, and GolfTopia is now out of Early Access and is available for purchase on Steam!

Evolve from a tiny pitch and putt into a colossal mega-resort.  Build a classic, or go crazy with wild devices to turn holes into chain-reaction engines beyond imagination.  Just watch out for the pesky weeds, bent on knotting up your creation.  The future of golf is in your hands, so take a swing!
GolfTopia aims to create a humorous management tycoon experience fused with wacky physics-based golf mechanics.  Visiting golfers are a picky bunch that will scrutinize everything they see with over 100 thoughts, complaints or compliments.  Beauty is only turf deep; as every tree, every blade of rough, every bump and roll of the terrain changes how golf is played.  Managing a GolfTopia won’t be easy.
Place every tee, every hole, and every devious sand trap.  Lure in visitors, while keeping them fed, hydrated, and pacified.  Make them happy enough and they’ll turn into prestigious members, or drive them to madness in a fiendish golf gauntlet!  But picky golfers won’t be your only problem.  Defend your creation from a growing infestation of ill-tempered foliage with robotic workers and defensive turrets.  Add kooky gadgets like fans, bumpers, launchers, and teleporters to your course, turning it into a finely tuned money-making machine.  Develop your course into a world-class attraction with hotels, putting greens, a driving range, bars, restaurants, and more.  Dive into your course with your customizable manager and participate in golf tournaments.  See to your golfers every possible need, so they never have to go home, EVER!
Game Features

  • Build your dream golf course in a humorous and bizarre alternate future setting.
  • Appease 200 pesky putters, by making changes to fit their specific needs.
  • Peek into the thoughts of every golfer to see their likes and dislikes, and what their preferences are
  • Move mountains with the course editor and its powerful terraforming tools.
  • Fight against an evolving infestation of ugly weeds that enrage your visitors and break your stuff.
  • Employ worker drones and powerful defensive turrets to secure every hole on your course
  • Tiger-proof your putting party with crazy devices like fans, bumpers, launchers, and teleporters to push your guests to their limits
  • You can even play on your own courses, hosting tournaments, and improving your own golf game on the back 9!
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