3 Ways to Download Your Favorite Songs

Written by Chad

April 12, 2021

You hear a song off the radio, and you just know from the first connection to its beat that this will be a favorite. Sometimes, it may not be the radio. It may be the mall, a movie, at the club or some party. The song for you can meet you anywhere, especially in places where you are not looking to find one, just like your soul mate. What happens when you bump into that “One” song that gives you feelings you have not felt in a long time or feels you never knew you could ever feel? It is spontaneous, more like luck. You never see it coming, but it is like you trying to quell a high when it does.

Good songs never go out of season. Just the way creativity and talent can only evolve to get better and never to expire. This is how good music is churned out daily. Even when you feel you have an all-time favorite, another comes by and sweeps you off your feet. In this case, you are excused. This leads us to how we can woo this song into being ours for the longest. It starts with downloading this song. Once you can do this, you are off to a great start in your relationship with your favorite song.

The Internet

The internet is your best resort for music downloads. Thanks to this easy access and technology, you can get acquainted with your favorite song(s). Our mobile phones play a pivotal role in our lives. It keeps us connected to the world, and with the music in it, you are all the more in touch with your core. Here are three (3) major ways to download music to your device (s).

1.   Using Inbuilt Music Apps

Using music apps is one of the easiest ways to get your favorite songs. This is because as long as you own a smart device, this is a prerequisite for any brand. This means that these apps are inbuilt; be it an Apple phone or Android device, you have iTunes and Google Music, respectively.

With these apps, you can easily search for the song you want and download. A song can be found and downloaded when you search the name of the artist, album, or song itself. With these apps, you can also get access to these songs without having to download them. All you need is a steady internet connection to avoid glitches. However, to listen offline, you need to download and listen. First, open your music app, then, search for your preferred song and click download. After this, you are set to enjoy your favorite songs.

2.   YouTube MP3

Using YouTube is another beautiful music platform that has all your favorite songs at the click of a red-colored icon. YouTube has grown to be all-encompassing in the media and entertainment industry. From being just a video streaming platform, both have grown to own a music streaming platform, YouTube MP3. When you click here you’ll know that this is easy to use and is sufficient for both Android and Apple users. All you need to do is open any YouTube to MP3|MP4 converter in your phone’s browser, then copy the link from YouTube to the converter. After which, choose MP3 as your option for file format, then convert, and you will be directed to where you can click on download, save and have it at your disposal whenever you want.

3.   Other Applications

For some people, iTunes or Google Music does not cut it. Hence, there is a need for other music apps, especially when you are averse to using converters or searching via browsers. These music apps are as good as the ones on your phones. Some of them are Spotify, Audio Mack, Total, Gaana, Wynk, etc. They can be downloaded into your phone and used to enjoy unlimited music. With these third-party music apps, you can listen to music online or download it to listen at your pleasure.

Android Users tend to be at an advantage over Android users due to more unlimited access to these platforms. For Android users, go to your Google App Store, search the music app of your choice, download completely before you can open the app, and start listening to your favorite songs. If you want to listen to these songs offline, all you need to do is click on the option that allows you to download.

Music is such soul food. It is what you need to get through the best and worst of times. When you find that special song, there are no rules to it. Pick any of the above options and own that song.

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