Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Releasing on July 9

Written by Chad

April 28, 2021

Monster Hunter series, a famous game franchise that has a cumulative sale of 36 million sets (as of 31 December 2020), is launching its latest entry – MONSTER HUNTER STORIES 2: WINGS OF RUIN on 9 July 2021. This time we will reveal the latest information about this game, as well as a new trailer!


The vibrant world of Monster Hunter Stories 2

Hatch, raise and live alongside monsters as a Monster Rider in this fun-filled RPG set in the Monster Hunter universe.

Our epic tale begins with the mass disappearance of Rathalos from around the world. At the start of the story, you meet a Wyverian girl who knew your illustrious grandfather, Red. She has been entrusted with an egg, but what’s inside it? The fate of the world hangs in the balance as the exciting narrative about the Wings of Ruin unfolds.


The colorful characters you’ll meet along the way

Lilia and Reverto, who are not unfamiliar with the players who have played the previous game, will appear as hunters who chase down the protagonist and the Razewing Ratha in this game.

Lilia (Voiced by Angela Galuppo)

A young woman who serves as commander of the Royal Scriveners. She is stationed at the Scriveners Lodge in Lulucion, Hunter’s city. While carrying out an investigation on the legendary Rathalos, she captures Ratha and takes him away from you. Despite understanding the way Riders think, she is now the commander of the Royal Scriveners, a position that requires her to put aside personal feelings. This causes a moral dilemma about the proper course of action regarding Razewing Ratha, the monster with the Wings of Ruin.

Reverto (Voiced by Scott Humphrey)

A highly skilled Hunter. He serves as Lilia’s right-hand man, working in tandem with her and the Royal Scriveners. Although he is a Hunter, he appreciates the way Riders form bonds of Kinship with monsters, and is happy to support you.

Kyle (Voiced by Curtis Legault)

A young Hunter in pursuit of the legendary Rathalos. He distrusts the way Riders live alongside monsters, and he is determined to capture Ratha. Since you are protecting a monster with catastrophic power, he sees you as an enemy. He is straightforward and has a strong sense of justice. His Palico is Tsukino and his weapon of choice is a bow.


Tsukino (Voiced by Elana Dunkelman)

She is a Felyne who serves as Kyle’s Palico. In order to capture the legendary Rathalos, she follows you and the egg after your disappearance. In contrast to Kyle, she has a calm demeanor and speaks quietly. While she trusts and supports Kyle in his endeavors, she worries that there may be more to the situation with Razewing Ratha than meets the eye.


Mysterious Riders

A group of Riders who conceal their identities. They order the forceful capture of Ratha and do all they can to hinder your progress. But what could their purpose be…?


A magnificent world inhabited by various monsters

Introduce new areas and new Monsties! The stage of “Monster Hunter Stories 2” is a world with rich and beautiful nature. Various monsters and environments, as well as towns and villages where people live are waiting for you. This time, we will Introduce new areas and new Monsties to you.

Areas, the diverse landscapes you can explore

  • Lamure – A vast and rugged desert prone to swirling dust. The remnants of an ancient civilization can be found scattered around here.
  • Lulucion – A sprawling city that serves as a hub for Hunters and Scriveners. In addition to shopping and industrial areas, Lulucion is also home to the Scriveners Lodge, where Lilia acts as commander.
  • Lamure Tower – This ruined tower stands abandoned in a corner of the Lamure Desert. Though humans left long ago, numerous monsters now lurk within its halls.


Monsties, the monsters that you can form bonds with

Know about the “Kinship Skill” of each Monstie at the same time.

Glavenus – Brute Wyverns with long, sword-like tails, sharpened on their fearsome fangs. Their strong hind legs allow them to effortlessly chase down prey, which they then slash at with their monstrous tails.

Kinship Skill: X Blaze


Gammoth – Massive beasts with piercing tusks. They strike opponents with their strong trunks or simply crush them under the sheer weight of their bodies.

Kinship Skill: Raging Avalanche


Tobi-Kadachi – Fanged Wyverns with sharp claws that allow them to climb up tree trunks with ease. These agile monsters can build up static electricity within their fur as they rub against the bark.

Kinship Skill: Kadachi Fury


Bazelgeuse – Flying Wyverns that travel the world in search of prey. They scatter explosive scales over a wide area and feast on whatever gets caught in the blast.

Kinship Skill: Nova Strike


Turn-based battles with all the thrills of Monster Hunter!

Reveal the battle mechanics of Monster Hunter Stories 2!

Just like the previous game, Stories 2 is an RPG that allows you to enter into battle with monsters you encounter out in the field. The improved turn-based combat system allows you to experience the excitement of the main Monster Hunter titles while engaging in epic, strategic fights with monsters you encounter during your adventure.

Use your knowledge of your opponent’s characteristics to attack effectively and take down even the toughest of monsters. Stories 2 offers an ever-increasing sense of accomplishment and hunting thrill as the narrative unfolds.

Sublimation into a simple but profound, highly strategic combat system. Learn your opponent’s patterns to take control in battles!


The Three Attack Types

There are three attack types: Power, Speed, and Technical. The attack type you select during battle will help determine the outcome of a Head-to-Head, just like in the previous game. Monster attack patterns have been refined to be easier to understand this time around. Keep an eye on your opponent’s fighting style and tailor your moves accordingly to achieve victory.

For attack types—Speed beats Power, Technical beats Speed, and Power beats Technical.

By predicting your opponent’s attack type and winning a Head-to-Head, you can inflict massive damage as well as greatly fill your Kinship Gauge. Understanding which attack type to use is crucial to succeeding in battle. Monster attacks are not limited to one set pattern only but may change depending on the situation. If a monster changes form, becomes enraged or performs certain actions, you will need to adjust which attack type you choose in order to adapt to their new pattern.


Double Attacks

Prevent attacks and sidestep damage!

If you and your Monstie use the same attack type and win a Head-to-Head, you can perform a Double Attack. Performing a Double Attack can inflict greater damage and fill your Kinship Gauge even more than if you were to win a solo Head-to-Head. Choosing a Monstie with an advantageous attack type and skillset is key to winning battles, as you will be able to prevent your opponent from attacking you.


Breaking Parts

Get materials, prevent moves, and knockdown your opponent!

Breaking the parts of large monsters may knock them down or stop them from performing certain actions, giving you an edge in battle. When you break certain parts, you can get high-quality materials that can be used to forge or upgrade equipment. Each weapon has its own specialty: slashing, blunt, or piercing. The effectiveness of these specialties depends on the monster part they are used against. By switching to a weapon that has the appropriate specialty against the targeted monster part, you can break it easier and send your opponent crashing to the ground.


Kinship Gauge

Should you use a regular skill or a Kinship Skill? Choose well and get hunting!

The Kinship Gauge you share with your Monstie fills after each turn in battle. You can use the Kinship Charge to perform regular skills or a Kinship Skill, both of which can deal massive damage to monsters and stack the odds in your favor. Certain weapon-related skills for Riders and skills for Monsties can inflict abnormal statuses or prevent monster attacks. Knowing what skills do and using that to your advantage is a surefire way to dominating your opponents in battle. Your Kinship Gauge can be used in various ways, from performing a Monstie skill that will help you unleash a Double Attack to teaming up for a Kinship Skill that will prevent your opponent from attacking you. Use the Kinship Charge at the right time to deliver devastating blows and reign supreme.

Executing a perfectly timed Kinship Skill is a great way to set yourself up for success.


Battle Buddies

Supportive companions that help increase your chances of a Double Attack!

Battle Buddies are characters you can fight alongside during your adventure. A Battle Buddy and their Monstie, if they have one, can join you and your Monstie during battle, which means you can have up to four characters on your side when you fight. Battle Buddies and their Monsties will decide their own moves and may use skills or items to assist you directly during battle. Each Battle Buddy has their own weapon and attack type preference, and Rider Battle Buddies have their own Monsties. Learning about their individual characteristics can lead to better teamwork when facing off against monsters. Furthermore, because you are also able to perform a Double Attack with a Battle Buddy’s Monstie, this can lead to more Double Attacks than when you are battling solo, which in turn will help fill your Kinship Gauge faster.



Let’s embark on a journey of bonds with riders from all over the world!

In Multiplayer, you can connect with players from around the world! Team up in Co-Op Expedition Quests or face off against each other in Versus Battles. If one of you engages a monster while out in the field, the other player can enter the fray and lend a helping hand. Join forces with other Riders from around the world to search for rare eggs and take down fearsome monsters together.


Co-Op Quests

Track down eggs and encounter monsters you cannot find anywhere else!

In Co-Op Expedition Quests, you can connect with another Rider from anywhere in the world and explore special areas only accessible via Multiplayer. This is a great way to get your hands on monster eggs. There are multiple nests in each area, which means more chances to acquire rare eggs. You can even get your hands on many eggs during one expedition. You will need to obtain special in-game Expedition Tickets in order to embark on Co-Op Expedition quests.

There are different types of Expedition Tickets, categorized by rarity level. If you use a rare Expedition Ticket, you will be able to obtain harder-to-find eggs. For Co-Op Slaying Quests, you can join forces with another Rider and takedown quest-specific monsters. You may even find monsters here that you cannot encounter anywhere else! In Co-Op Trial Quests, you can challenge yourself to meet various conditions while battling to defeat quest-specific monsters.


Versus Battles

Test the strength of your beloved Monsties!

In Versus Battles, up to four players can battle at once. Pit the Monsties that you have raised against those of other players to see who will come out on top. There are different types of rules you can set before a Versus Battle. Try a fair match with Balanced Rules, which will set you and your opponent to the same level. Or go all-out with No Limit Rules, in which there are no level restrictions. For a brief Versus Battle, try Quick Rules, during which each of the participating players has only one Heart apiece.


Newly Featured Weapon Type: Gunlance

This piercing-type weapon fires shells, and allows you to accumulate ammo each time you attack. Normal attacks are not effective in charging the Kinship Gauge, but using ammo to unleash a skill and winning a Head-to-Head will fill the Kinship Gauge greatly. When your Kinship Gauge is full you can activate Wyvern’s Fire, a powerful attack that will inflict great damage on all enemies.


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