Baby Groot Joins the Battlefield in Marvel Duel with Captain Marvel Deck Rework

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May 6, 2021

In the upcoming brand-new season, Captain Marvel, one of the strongest Avengers, will rejoin the battlefield of MARVEL Duel with her newly reworked deck, along with 10 additional new Guardians of the Galaxy cards including the adorable Baby Groot. Log in to the game and experience this combination of cuteness and power lies behind the update.

The ongoing battle against Dark Gwenpool is getting more intense but our Super Hero allies have new tricks up their sleeves. Both Captain Marvel and Guardians of the Galaxy are ready to display their new powers in the battle and protect the universe. In the upcoming season, 10 new Guardians of the Galaxy cards will join the battlefield and side with the current members to take down their enemies, including the adorable Baby Groot who profoundly loves all life in the universe and is keen to protect them from any danger.

Additionally, Captain Marvel will be receiving further upgrades to her existing deck. A total of 12 cards from Captain Marvel’s deck will return in brand-new forms to better corporate with the other cards in the deck. These reworked cards offer Players a host of new strategies and opportunities to experience the game from a more flexible and involved perspective. Stay tuned and log in to MARVEL Duel to catch the latest updates as the exciting journey continues!


Download MARVEL Duel now and take your place in the Marvel Universe, no matter where you are:!

*MARVEL Duel is available in countries and regions including Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and Malaysia. (MARVEL Duel is not a global release title.)

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