Legend of Mana will be released as a package version for Nintendo Switch and PS4

Written by Chad

May 12, 2021

SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. has confirmed that the beloved PlayStation JRPG classic, Legend of Mana will be released as a physical version for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 system in June 24, 2021.

The physical versions will be published by SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. and distributed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Asia for the Southeast Asia region.

As a physical version bonus, a sticker set inspired from the instruction booklet of the original “Legend of Mana” will be included, and as a limited quantity physical version early purchase bonus, download codes for 2 tracks from ‘Legend of Mana Remastered: The Soundtrack’ will be included.

Legend of Mana is the fourth installment in the Mana series that originally released in 1999. Now the game is set to return as an HD remastered edition, with high-resolution graphics, lovingly redrawn backgrounds, and updated UI.

Legend of Mana is an action RPG where you become the protagonist and embark on adventures in the world of Fa’Diel. At the heart of the story is Mana, the underlying theme of the entire Mana series, whose mysteries are told with a picture book art style accompanied by a whimsical soundtrack.

Using the Land Creation system, you place artifacts on the map to create the world’s towns, forests, and more. People will appear, and new stories will be set in motion. What kind of tale will unfold? That depends on your Land Creation.

  • High-Resolution Graphics – Background images and some sections of the UI have been redrawn for full HD support. Legend of Mana is now even more beautiful and can be enjoyed in greater clarity than ever before.
  • Music- Certain songs have received new arrangements especially for the HD Remaster. Players can choose whether they want to listen to the original songs or the arranged versions.
  • Gallery Mode & Music Mode – View illustrations and artwork from the time of the original release and listen to the game’s soundtrack any time you like from the options menu.
  • Turn Off Encounters – Encounters with enemies can be turned off, making it easy to explore dungeon areas.
  • Save Features: Autosave & Save Anywhere – The HD Remaster includes an autosave function, as well as the ability to save any time from the options menu (excludes certain in-game locations)
  • Ring Ring Land – The Ring Ring Land mini-game is included in all language versions. Use it to obtain rare items more easily than in regular play.


Physical Version Bonus

Early Purchase Bonus:

A download code for 2 tracks from ‘Legend of Mana Remastered: The Soundtrack’ will be provided as an early purchase bonus. Detailed information for tracks will be announced later on.

*The code must be redeemed by June 23, 2022.
*Each download code can only be used once. Redistribution of the code is prohibited.
*An internet connection is required to redeem the code.
*Bonus content may be sold separately at a later date.
​*Bonus items may become unavailable without notice. Limited quantities are available.

Physical Version Bonus:

A sticker set inspired by an instruction manual for the original “Legend of Mana” will be included in a physical version.

Digital Version Bonus

Early Purchase Bonus

PlayStation Store

  • Original PS4 theme
  • Avatar set


Windows (Steam)

Legend of Mana Wallpaper

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