Final Fantasy XIV Players Paying Tribute to Kentaro Miura

Written by Chad

May 20, 2021

Players around the world in Final Fantasy XIV are paying tribute to the creator of Berserk. Kentaro Miura passed away last May 6 due to Acute Aortic Dissection, he was 54 years old.

Kentaro Miura was considered as one of the greatest artists in the manga industry, making medieval gothic artworks on his Berserk series that became widely popular. His works also drew inspiration and popularized tropes in the anime and gaming world, including titles such as the Dark Souls series, Dynasty Warriors and even Final Fantasy.

One good example is the Dark Knight job class in Final Fantasy XIV, where the job class would wield a giant sword. Its brooding vibe has a heavy influence on Berserk’s protagonist Guts, from its armor design up to his wielding of a giant sword that he can swing at ease.

Players around the world in Final Fantasy XIV paid their tribute by donning their Dark Knight class and stationed in one of the major cities in the game. It’s amazing to see the love and dedication of fans of the Berserk series or even those who are just familiar with the tropes popularized by the said series. Seeing a gaming community rallying for a common cause always have that heartwarming feel, and seeing this kind of example really shows how it makes games really feel alive.


Photo by Brian Maniquis


Photo by Brian Maniquis


The fate of the Berserk series is very uncertain as its story hasn’t ended yet, but Kentaro Miura’s legacy will continue to inspire more people in creating new masterpieces, may it be manga, anime, movie or video game.

You will surely be missed, Miura-san, and thank you for your great works.


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