MU Origin’s latest 16.0 update adds Halidom and Artifact

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July 1, 2021

WEBZEN announced that its mobile MMORPG MU Origin released its latest 16.0 update.

First, the newest feature to arrive in MU Origin is the Halidom system which can be equipped on a character’s shoulders to increase their Combat Power. The Halidom will be unlocked after reaching Rebirth 10 Lv. 100 and can be obtained from Holy Treasure, which is available for free once a day or by using unbound Diamonds.

There is one main slot and five sub-slots for Halidom, which consists of 3 grades: Rare, Epic and Legend. In addition to the equipment, players will be able to enhance and level up the item to increase their stats along with the option of the Halidom.

Furthermore, players will be able to continue to increase their character’s Attack DMG and DEF with the new Artifact, which can be enhanced using Soul Emblem. When the Artifact reaches a certain level, Soul Flame will be required to enhance Soul Torch.

With this update, Holy Gear, which is specialized for PVP battle, has been added to the game. Holy Gear has 4 types: HP, DEF, DMG, and Thunder, and each Holy Gear also has 4 skills available to use in strategic battles.

Following a previous Hero feature, new Hero-based features such as Hero Statue and Shrine War have been included in the update. Players will be able to enhance their Hero by evolving the Hero Statue which can be acquired by defeating enemies in the sacred battlefield, Shrine War.

Additionally, several tweaks, optimizations, bug fixes, and daily login rewards are now available in MU Origin.

MU Origin is available for free in both the App Store and Google Play.

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