Unlock Bloodless and BOSS Revenge Mode on Bloodstained Mobile for free

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July 2, 2021

The exploratory ARPG game Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night developed by NetEase Games and ArtPlay is about to launch a blockbuster update. This time, not only a new operable character “Bloodless” will be introduced, but also a new game mode-BOSS Revenge Mode will be released for free, bringing new challenges to players! At the same time, the mobile version of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night will offer a 30% discount for a week after the update. Now users could purchase the game just for $6.99 (The price may fluctuate according to different regions and platforms).

A New and Operable Character “Bloodless”

In this update, we will present players with a new controllable character– “Bloodless”. To unlock it, simply enter BLOODLESS when creating the archive after downloading DLC, and then players will be able to choose Bloodless as the character to play the game.

When players control Bloodless in the game, its spawn point will be set in the BOSS room of the church, and Bloodless doesn’t have any skills in its initial state. Players can only unlock Bloodless’s exclusive skills by constantly discovering the crystal globes on the map, making the game more challenging.

In terms of character features, the clothes of Bloodless will differ according to different settings in the game. For example, Bloodless’s clothes will be in different colors with different blood settings. Moreover, when the player’s MP is lower than 45%, the character’s voice will change as well, adding more charms to the personality.

New Game Mode: BOSS Revenge Mode is On

This update will also bring along a new game mode: BOSS Revenge Mode. In this mode, players can choose from 4 BOSS (Andrealphus, Bathin, Bloodless, Gremory), who all have their own unique attributes and skills for players to experience. (This mode could only be turned on after passing and downloading DLC)

Players can operate the selected BOSS to challenge ” Zangetsu”, ” Dominique” and ” Miriam” respectively. After entering the game, players will be transferred to a specific BOSS room for challenge. If wins, players will automatically be transferred to the transition room and choose another challenge again. When all three challenges are finished, the game will rank players based on the record of total time they use in defeating three BOSSES. Players may continue to challenge to constantly refresh their best records.

Players will be awarded with a corresponding wallpaper after completing the challenge in the BOSS Revenge Mode!

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