Here are the Post-game Content and Roadmap for Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

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July 7, 2021

MONSTER HUNTER STORIES 2: WINGS OF RUIN announced post-game content:  After completing the base game, you can explore the massive area known as the Elder’s Lair,  test your skill against high-rank monsters, and take on challenging quests.

Players will also have the chance to ride Deviant Monsters like Dreadqueen Rathian and Thunderlord Zinogre, and even Elder Dragons like Teostra and Nergigante!

More content will be added after the game’s release in the form of free title updates. These free title updates will mainly feature post-game content that you can play after completing the base game. The first one will be coming on 15 July, and lasts until the fifth one in October.

Get Special Monsties by Exploring the Elder’s Lair

Silverwind Nargacuga

These Nargacuga Deviants are larger and covered in patterned silvery fur. Flashes from a tail cleave the earth, sunder rock, and split the sky.

Kinship Skill:Nightmare Blade


Thunderlord Zinogre

These Zinogre Deviants glimmer with electric sparks. With a single howl, the heavens loose a thousand flashes and ten thousand peals of thunder. They strike down upon prey with the shocking fury of lightning.

Kinship Skill:Gigavolt Crash


Bloodbath Diablos

These Diablos Deviants are easily identifiable by their broken left horn, which branches out into three points. They inhabit desert terrain, often lying in wait for unsuspecting prey beneath the sands before springing forth with horn-thrashing ferocity.

Kinship Skill:Longhorn Upheaval


Grimclaw Tigrex

The strength of these Tigrex Deviants is truly devastating. Their raw power overwhelms the so-called technological strengths of humans, leaving any who encounter the beasts overcome with fear.

Kinship Skill:Tigrexplosion


Dreadqueen Rathian

The bodies of these Rathian Deviants are adorned with spikes full of a deadly venom, which they release in noxious pink clouds. Wherever they go, death is not far behind, as they lash out and reduce the land to utter desolation.

Kinship Skill:Dual Razor



These strange, mysterious creatures are said to cause lightning strikes with their unbridled howls to the sky. Wreathed in electricity, they move at unparalleled speeds, poised to assault prey with their perilous horn.

Kinship Skill:Phantasmal Horn



The lack of confirmed sightings of these ultra-aggressive Fanged Beasts is a testament to their power, and also the reason why so little is known about their natural habitat. Once provoked, they wreak havoc on their prey with brute strength and boundless rage.

Kinship Skill:Gigantic Meteor



These Elder Dragons are said to freeze all in their path. According to legend, they can control the cold, and use its freezing breath to conjure massive spires of ice out of nowhere.

Kinship Skill:Calamity Glacier


Free Title Update Roadmap

Update #1: Available 15 July 2021

  • New Monstie: Palamute – By hatching an egg that you can find during the featured Co-Op Expedition Quest, you will be able to add a Palamute to your party as a Monstie!

Co-Op Quests will be available after reaching certain game progress.


Update #2: Available 5 August 2021

  • Co-Op Quest exclusive monster: Kulve Taroth – Kulve Taroth will not be available as a Monstie, but you can get special materials by slaying it, which can be used to forge powerful equipment.
  • New Monstie: Hellblade Glavenus
  • New Monstie: Boltreaver Astalos


Update #3: Available Early September 2021

  • New Monstie: Soulseer Mizutsune
  • New Monstie: Elderfrost Gammoth
  • New Monstie: Oroshi Kirin


Update #4: Available Late September 2021

  • New Monstie: Dreadking Rathalos
  • New Monstie: Molten Tigrex
  • High difficulty Co-Op Quest exclusive monster: Kulve Taroth


Update #5: Available October 2021

  • New Monstie: Silver Rathalos
  • New Monstie: Gold Rathian
  • High difficulty Co-Op Quest exclusive monster: ???
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