Gundam 00 Movie Gunplas get their much needed Final Battle releases

Written by Chad

July 26, 2021

Finally, after a decade, we’ll be getting the upgraded versions of these two mobile suits from the Gundam 00 movie.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 the Movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer was released in September 2010 as more of a continuation and supposed ending for the Gundam 00 series, featuring new and improved Gundam units for our protagonists of Celestial Being. And of course, that would also mean we would get a series of Gunpla kit treatments for the mobile suits. However, fans of the Gundam 00 series were waiting for a release of the versions of the Gundam Zabanya and Gundam Harute that featured their upgraded parts during the final battle of the movie, which Bandai Spirits used to release for some of their previous and the much recent line of Gunplas. Well looks like their wish has finally come true.

Bandai Spirits has revealed the Final Battle versions of the HG 1/144 Gundam Zabanya and Gundam Harute, which will be available as a P-Bandai exclusive (an unfortunate call for those who don’t have access to P-Bandai in their areas). The Zabanya will feature additional Shield bits on its shoulders as seen on the final battle scene and additional 6 rifle bits as the original release only had two rifles. The Harute now has its GN Boosters on its feet and 2 Scissor bits included in the package.

HG 1/144 – Gundam Zabanya Final Battle Ver – JPY 2750

HG 1/144 – Gundam Harute Final Battle Ver – JPY 2970

Both of the gunpla kits will be available on December 2021. You can contact your favorite hobby shops for possible preorder slots.

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