Noctis returns to Final Fantasy XIV with the Final Fantasy XV Collaboration Event

Written by Chad

September 6, 2021

This is your chance to grab the Regalia mount that is only available during the collaboration event.

Noctis from Final Fantasy XV is coming back to Eorzea in Final Fantasy XIV for a month-long collaboration event. The Final Fantasy XIV x Final Fantasy XV collaboration was first released in 2019 and it is finally making a return on September 13, players who missed out on the event will be able to get the FFXV items after completing a series of quests.

Take note that in order to participate in the event, players must have at least a level 50 character and has finished the A Realm Reborn Main Scenario Quest “The Ultimate Weapon” (in short, you need to finish A Realm Reborn story quest). Then head on to Steps of Nald in Ul’dah and look for the NPC named Kipih Jakkya, the quest name will be The Man in Black. Complete the series of quests after that to complete the event quest and you’ll obtain the Lucian Prince gear (Glove, Bottoms, Jacket and Boots) to start your Noctis cosplay.

Once you’ve done with the quests, you can acquire other Final Fantasy XV-themed items by spending MGP, you can earn more MGP by participating in activities in the Gold Saucer area, don’t worry as the collaboration event will last for a month to give you more time to earn enough MGP. Here are the items that you can obtain:

  • Regalia Type-G (Mount)
  • Lucian Locks Modern Aesthetics (Hairstyle)
  • Noctis Lucis Caelum Triple Triad Card
  • Hammerhead, Valse di Fantastica, Relax and Reflect, Veiled in Black, Apocalypsis Noctis and A Quick Pit Stop Orchestrion Rolls


The Final Fantasy XIV x Final Fantasy XV event will start on September 13 at 1:00 AM PDT up until October 18 at 7:59 AM PDT

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