Free to play, play to earn: KOGS SLAM! is now in closed beta

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September 24, 2021

Fans of the 90s schoolyard craze, POGs, can now relive their childhood through its modern take with KOGs: SLAM!, which is now live for its closed beta phase.

The closed beta trial for play-to-earn kicked off in  September and will run for a month before its international public release or open beta phase. The beta release will allow for 5,000 participants to compete for the $RFOX token and prizes.

Available for download on iOS and Android, KOGs: SLAM! was developed by RFOX Games, a division of Southeast Asian blockchain venture builder RedFOX Labs.

“Our mission is to create an ecosystem that utilizes emerging technologies for all users and offer a place for people to come together and make new friends. We believe emerging technologies can pave the way not only for better user experience but for new models as well,” shares Fadzly Yusof, General Manager of RFOX Games.


How to play for free and earn

As the pandemic prompted the shift to virtual economies, many have been forced to grapple with the uncertainty of keeping their jobs. Emerging technologies such as blockchain offered an alternative way of earning income amidst the lockdowns, particularly through gaming.

With the play-to-earn (P2E) economy comes the creation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which grants users personal ownership of their digital assets.

Unlike other P2E games, KOGs: SLAM! is free-to-play where players can win KOINs that anyone can exchange to RFOX (crypto) and KOGs (Keys to Other Games). KOGs are a type of NFT that can be sold, collected, or traded for cash.

“We sought to develop a game that can serve as a timely alternative to other games that have high barriers to entry, which have forced thousands of people to line up and wait for an account or resort to doing everything they can to land access,” adds Yusof.

The update to the collectible milk cap concept of the 90s offers two gameplay options in its closed beta phase – single and multiplayer.

Just like the original concept, players are given a “slammer” and within 30 seconds, the stack of KOGs must be hit with as much impact as possible. The KOGs that land face-up go to the first player, and the rest go back in the stack. The next player then makes a move. Each KOG that lands face-up is equivalent to 1 point.

In the single-player mode, a Boss Challenge awaits with the option to play against Ben the Big Boss, Fadz the Hustler, Pete the Wild One, Chino my Homeboy, or Phil Highroller. Turn by turn, the player with the most number of KOGs within 3 rounds wins. The single-player mode also allows users to practice their slam, in preparation for their boss fight.

The multiplayer mode allows users to either test their slamming skills at the Ranked Match or the Arena. The Ranked Match option is similar to the Boss Challenge, except instead of a boss, users get to play against a random player within the system for 3 rounds. At the Arena, users need at least 250 KOGs to enter and battle it out with as many players as they can but lose 3 times, and they’re out. However, the more matches won, the more prizes they get.

Here’s what else you can watch out for during the closed beta phase:

  • Daily Missions – involves a set of tasks to be accomplished within a day in exchange for at least 100 KOINs
  • Use the KOINS you earned in Daily Missions to earn more KOINS in the ARENA
  • Play stats – tells users how many KOGs flipped, matches played, matches won, and longest win streak; all measured against multiplayer mode history
  • Win up to 10,000 $RFOX by the end of the closed beta phase if you rank Top 1, 2, or 3 in the Leaderboards during the test
  • The KOINS you earn can be cashed out into Gcash by the end of the closed beta phase if you qualify by playing 250 matches


Sign up to slam for the closed beta by registering with your Google Play or App Store account at

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