A New Xenogears Figure will be releasing with the Bring Arts Weltall-Id

Written by Chad

September 30, 2021

After teasing for quite some time, the Bring Arts version of Weltall-Id is now a reality.

Square Enix has revealed that the next Bring Arts figure from the Xenogears game will be Weltall-Id. Weltall-Id is a powerful gear pilot by Id, Fei’s alter ego, this causes the original Weltall to transform to a red version of itself.

The Bring Arts figure will be larger than the Weltall figure and will have a glossy finish to its amazing red and gunmetal gray colors, the figure will have two pairs of swappable hands and an action display stand.

And those who preordered the figure from the Square Enix store will be getting a free decal sheet to add on your Weltall-Id figure.

This will be the fourth Xenogears figure under the Bring Arts line, other figures include Fei Fong Wong, Elly Van Houten and Weltall. We’re hoping that they could also release Elly’s gear Vierge that was also teased along with Weltall-Id during the initial reveal of the first wave of Xenogears figure. Square Enix also released small-scaled model kit versions of Weltall, Vierge, Heimdal and Brigander under the Structure Arts line early this May.

The Bring Arts Weltall-Id will arrive on April 2022 for JPY 19,580, contact your local hobby stores for any preorder slots

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