Catch the Tokyo Game Show 2021 This Weekend

Written by Chad

September 30, 2021

More game announcements and updates from one of the biggest gaming events in the world.

Tokyo Game Show 2021 is about to begin, and here is what you can expect from the weekend-long event. It’s happening from September 30 (Thursday) to October 3 (Sunday), due to the global pandemic, TGS will continue the program online with scheduled livestream programs throughout the weekend.

What can you expect

As with any major gaming convention, you can expect game announcements from different developers and publishers as well as updates and discussions on their upcoming announced titles this year or in 2022. Aside from game announcements, viewers can expect other special programs such as the TGS Music Fes (requires an entrance payment) for fans who love to listen to some of the classic game music, Sense of Wonder Night 2021; a special presentation that showcases some of the newest indie games that give out a sense of wonder, with each year having unique theme or concept, and the Japan Game Awards 2021, a special ceremony that awards some of the best games from this year that made an impact to the gamers.

You can catch the opening keynote featuring some of the key people from the gaming industry:

  • Thursday, September 30 at 11:00 AM Japan Time: We’ll always have games (feat. Seitaro Kimura of Konami, Morimasa Sato of Capcom and Katsuhiro Harada of Bandai Namco)

There is also a special program that tackles certain topics in gaming for the duration of the event. You can check out the following topics and their schedule:

  • Friday, October 1 at 10:00 AM Japan Time: What the world really thinks of Japanese games by IGN Japan (feat. IGN Japan and Fumihiko Yasuda of Team Ninja, Koei Tecmo)
  • Saturday, October 2 at 9:00 AM Japan Time: The Appeal and Potential of RPG by Famitsu (feat. Hironobu Sakaguchi of Mistwalker Studios (and also the creator of the Final Fantasy series) and Naoki Yoshida, producer of director of Final Fantasy XIV and producer of Final Fantasy XVI
  • Sunday, October 3 at 10:00 AM Japan Time: Is it really difficult to become a profession “game streamer”? (feat. popular Japanese gaming content creators nobamangames, CLAY and koala’sgameshow)

You can watch these programs at the official YouTube channel of Tokyo Game Show


Streaming Schedule

Where to watch the livestream?

You can catch the livestream from the official Tokyo Game Show YouTube channel, there will be a version that includes the English translation. The same goes if you prefer on Twitch, as there is a special Tokyo Game Show 2021 portal already available.

Other major game publishers will be having their own segments on the event that can be watched from their respective channels:

Unfortunately, Sony and Nintendo won’t be joining Tokyo Game Show 2021 as they already had their own livestream presentation early this month.

You can check out the official Tokyo Game Show website for more info and for the list of participating developers and publishers.



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