We’re Getting a P-Bandai HG Gundam Aesculapius Model Kit

Written by Chad

October 13, 2021

Unfortunately yes, it’s also a P-Bandai exclusive.

Bandai Spritis has revealed the next model kit based on the Gundam Wing Dual Story G-Unit Re:Operation project, and it’s the Gundam Aesculapius. The G-Unit series was one of the side story manga that is set during the events of the Gundam Wing anime, the side story features new characters and new mobile suits.

The Gundam Aesculapius is the second Gunpla kit to be released from the series with the Gundam Geminass being the first, the original kits were first released in 1997, it has a gimmick of transforming from its Gundam form into a Mobile Armor. Now the new High Grade Gunpla release features an updated look with finer details, color separation and more levels of articulation as compared to the original and has new accessories and gimmicks. You can compare the designs from the 1997 version to the latest model kit.

And just like with the Geminass, the 1/144 HG Gundam Aesculapius is also a P-Bandai exclusive, meaning you can get this exclusively from the P-Bandai online store or from your favorite local hobby store for a limited time and sometimes at a higher price. It will be available on January 2022 for JPY 3,960 (or around PHP 1,900).

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