Honkai Impact 3rd’s v5.2 Infinite Future Launches Tomorrow

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October 20, 2021

miHoYo is releasing Honkai Impact 3rd’s v5.2 Infinite Future tomorrow. The new Chapter The Birth of Tragedy can be experienced through Open World, and two new battlesuits, including the first IMG-type A-rank battlesuit Midnight Absinthe, will board Hyperion. In addition, Honkai Impact 3rd will promisingly be available on Steam in the near future, for drawing more players to the acclaimed experience.

In v5.2 Infinite Future, two new battlesuits, Raven’s Midnight Absinthe and Mobius’ Infinite Ouroboros will join players. As a World Serpent agent, former ace mercenary, and Stan Wars winner, Raven has been a focus of the story; As the first IMG-type A-rank battlesuit Midnight Absinthe, Raven will play a different yet equally important role on the battlefield. The IMG-type is neither superior nor inferior to BIO-, PSY-, MECH-types. Instead, it counters other IMG- units and is countered by QUA-type. Raven fights with archery and martial arts, and her special mechanic allows her to gain buffs and SP by picking up the feather items dropped by her Basic ATK, passive, and QTE. She can also heal herself by picking up the Bounty Coins dropped by the enemies she defeats. Mobius, the Flame-Chaser who possesses the Signet of Infinity, will debut as an S-rank battlesuit Infinite Ouroboros. Her special mechanic allows her to chain each Special ATK sequence into an enhanced Basic ATK, which is easy to execute and does not demand quick reflexes.

The upcoming Chapter The Birth of Tragedy will be a major plot twist. To everyone’s surprise, Overseer Otto is leaving Schicksal and the power and wealth it accumulated over the centuries behind. Is it another ploy, or a price he must pay to realize his lifelong dream? Players will explore the Open World of Schicksal’s former HQ, Kolosten, to uncover the truth. Perhaps they will discover Otto’s secrets and tragic backstory as well.

Additionally, players can acquire the new weapons and stigma sets designed for Mobius and Raven. The new ELF Klein will debut as a Lightning DPS and support, whose switch CD reduction and Lightning Vulnerability attack are bound to make her an asset in the Arena and Abyss. In the upcoming featured event [Valkyries’ Cafeteria], players can clear stages to gather ingredients and cook gourmet food to unlock rewards and snippets!

Honkai Impact 3rd v5.2 [Infinite Future] will be released on iOS, Android, and PC on October 21, 2021.

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