Time of Reunion, The First Plot Documentary of Identity V is Now Available

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November 1, 2021

The cruel truth shall be revealed when reality and memory meet again. Identity V, NetEase Games’ first 1V4 asymmetric battle arena mobile game, launched its first main plot documentary Time of Reunion on Oct 28th. In the beginning, the detective receives a strange commission. To find the missing little girl, he stepped into the Oletus Manor that has been deserted for a decade. Countless mysteries and clues: broken diaries with different handwriting, mysterious games, missing memories, misplaced souls.

Lost Past and Forgotten Memory

The main plot of Time of Reunion will be divided into three stages. In the first phase beginning on October 28th, players will follow the lead of detectives in searching for clues for secrets. The broken diary in the bookcase may restore forgotten memories: Oletus Manor ten years ago, the promising young novelist, everything about “me”. As the exploration progresses, fragments of memory gradually joining into a whole picture. But is what you see really what it is?

As the first stage of Time of Reunion unveils, events for all servers will be launched too. In matching, there are chances for players to choose the Novelist-“Orpheus” and become the first to experience the fun of a new character. With Novelist being on the battlefield, the process of the server will also be quickened and when it reaches 100%, all severs will be rewarded with the brand-new character—The Novelist!

A Foreshadowing of Personality and A Testimony for the Past.

Novelist “Orpheus”: A rising novelist who is known as good at writing horror stories. There are rumors about him: some say he has a happy family while others say he lives alone. Nonetheless, the decent royalties and many readers have brought him considerable wealth and reputation. He has become a young talent in the eyes of the public. However, only he knew that his past is nothing but a haunting nightmare. So, when he received the invitation letter that came with the flute, he knew that there was no reason to refuse.

Introduction to Novelist skills:

He carries a sketchbook that he uses to outline the behaviors of other Survivors, allowing him to control their movements for 60 seconds. During this period, the Novelist can be controlled by this Survivor

He observes and records Hunter’s behavior with his sketchbook by facing the Hunter. Once he has gathered all the information he needs, he can activate Metaphor, which allows him to control the Hunter’s movements for 5 seconds. During this period, the Novelist can be controlled by this Hunter. Both sides can only move and cannot interact or use abilities.

External trait:【Resonance】
Using the sketchbook to control another Survivor activates Resonance with them, increasing their movement speed by 50% for 3 seconds.
When using Metaphor on a Hunter, that Hunter gains Resonance with the Novelist, increasing their movement speed by 10%.

External trait:【Foreshadowing】
The opening chapter can sometimes be the simplest. When a Cipher Machine’s decoding progress is below 50%, increases decoding speed by 10%. By the final chapter, the story has grown in depth and complexity. When a Cipher Machine’s decoding progress is above 50%, decreases decoding speed by 10%.

Where did the little girl go? What about the detective’s past and his special identities? What is the truth? The answers are in the main plot documentary of Time of Reunion. Identity V, NetEase’s first 1V4 asymmetric mobile game, will unveil a new plot, new events, and new characters! The second stage will be updated on Nov 4th, Stay tuned and don’t forget to join the first stage now!

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