Kizuna AI’s First-ever in-game Virtual Live held in Super Mecha Champions

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November 4, 2021

NetEase’s neo-futuristic shooting game, Super Mecha Champions (SMC), teamed up with popular virtual artist Kizuna AI for a special collaborative event, Here for you SMC×Kizuna AI LIVE, which took place from October 16-18, 2021. Players from all over the world participated with great enthusiasm in the metaverse concert that took place within the game.

Experiencing a sense of togetherness that could only be obtained through the game

SMC set an outstanding stage for Kizuna AI, as you saw her stepping onto a brightly lit stage with colorful spotlights. Not only were you able to roam around the event space, but you could also use glowsticks, fireworks, and other items to cheer her on and engage in an experience that could only be obtained through the game. Choruses from all of her songs were also edited into a showtime setting, which let you tap and dance along with her and her music.

After the countdown, Kizuna AI appeared on stage dressed in her concert costume, and began with her opening number “future base”. Watching how her ponytail swayed as she danced beautifully under the colorful lights and listening to her sing truly captivated her audience and welcomed them into a dreamy and futuristic world. She performed her hit song “Sky-High” for her second number.

A brand-new song “Here for you”, created by DÉ DÉ MOUSE specifically for this collaboration was introduced, and she changed into a special game-exclusive costume, “mirai no oto (future sound)”.

Kizuna AI’s philosophy, “connecting people from all over the world with music” is said to have inspired some of the lyrics in hopes that players team up to play together in SMC while telling each other, (I am) “here for you”.

The fourth number featured a special guest, Black AI, and the crowd went absolutely wild over this surprise. An overflow of comments and fireworks filled the screen as the concert concluded with the fifth and final song, “AIAIAI”.


Huge collaborations are what enriches the SMC culture

Teaming up with virtual artist Kizuna AI helped SMC host a unique event and featured special collaborative skins in the game. Working with major IPs are challenging, but are great opportunities for new massive breakthroughs.

Until now, the game has collaborated with Japanese anime “Granbelm”, animation movie “Promare” as well as world-famous sci-fi mecha anime “Sakugan”, and has also worked hand-in-hand with famous Japanese animation director/mechanic designer/ vision creator Shoji Kawamori, and Steampunk style model sculptor Mitsuji Kamata. SMC has incorporated a “city collaboration project” in the game where they introduce cities, landmarks and history to the younger generation, such as China’s Hongyadong.

SMC plans for more collaborations to keep surprising players and supporters in the future.

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