What Cool Stuff Every Gamer Should Own? Check Out This List

Written by Chad

November 4, 2021

Gaming is a thrilling activity, but it isn’t just about playing entertaining video games. It’s a way of life in which everything you possess may represent your love of gaming. Gamers require various items to improve their overall experience and make their sessions much more comfortable. The purpose of a gaming setup is to make the gaming experience as simple and enjoyable as possible. There are several items that you may include in your setup, but here are a few that are interesting to get you started.

Controller Grips

These may be useful, especially if you’re serious about professional gaming. The best controller and thumbstick handles out there definitely have an influence on performance, but even if that’s not a concern for you, these may still be quite beneficial, especially because they make controllers much more pleasant and comfortable to use.

Mouse Pad

To avoid friction areas that stifle your movement and quickness, you’ll need a decent mouse pad. To allow yourself more mobility, consider utilizing a large playmat as your mouse pad. This will make it easier for you to operate with low sensitivity levels in some games. Large mouse pads are also wonderful for decoration because they often feature appealing designs and images and may be personalized. Gamers will have different tastes depending on the games they play and their playing style, but everyone may benefit from a decent mouse pad to reduce the risk of sliding or tracking mistakes. 

Gaming Lighting

When you spend a lot of time gazing at a screen, lighting is crucial. You don’t want any light shining directly on your TV or monitor, but you also don’t want to be sitting in a pitch-black room for lengthy periods unless you’re playing a horror game. Make sure you’re playing in a room with appropriate lighting that will enhance your gaming experience.

Skylights, which are a BlissLights specialty, create patterns of starry nights or wispy galaxies that sweep across your home. Rotate your skylight projector so it reaches your ceiling or points it towards a wall. Remove the stars and project only a sky, or set the lighting to pulse or remain steady. You have a lot of options with galaxy lights for getting the precise gaming room lighting you want. Lasers are a cost-effective lighting technology that produces rich, brilliant colors. When you utilize indoor laser lights in your gaming area, you get illumination with plenty of flares and exactly the appropriate level of brightness, thanks to the fact that we diffract our lasers into hundreds of tiny beams.

You may also acquire some LED strips and hang them behind your screen. In your room, you now have even greater mood lighting. Consider obtaining color-changing strips and changing the colors to establish the mood before settling down for a long game session.

Cable Management

This is something that many people will find useful, particularly if they have numerous consoles or the messy bunch of cords that is generally known as PlayStation VR. Not only do you want your wires to be nice and organized to avoid a tangle, but you also want to be able to sort through them quickly when you need to. Cable holders, velcro cable sleeves, and cable boxes are all things to consider. If you can’t find any of those, duct tape or strings might be used instead. Check that box if cable management is important to you.

Power Bank

A power bank is one of the most useful accessories for gamers. They’re one-of-a-kind gadgets with a powerful backup battery for your PC or laptop. The worst thing that can happen to a gamer is losing power while playing, which may spoil their session and cause them to lose in-game progress. If you have one of these devices, you may keep your computer or laptop running for several hours until the power is restored.

External HDD

As games grow in size year after year, having additional storage for your gaming system becomes increasingly important, especially if you prefer digital purchasing. You don’t want to be continuously uninstalling, downloading, and redownloading games, thus external memory might be really useful, especially if your console has limited internal capacity.

Wall Mounts

Wall mounts can assist you in keeping your gaming setup tidy and organized. Rather than squeezing all of your consoles, controllers, and games onto a single table, mounting them on shelves is a wonderful method to avoid having too much clutter to deal with.

Feet Hammock

The foot hammock is all about comfort, which is something that some of the best seats might not allow. However, if you discover that you need something for your feet as well, you may get a foot hammock and put it under your desk. These can be an absolute need for very extended gaming sessions and make those long gaming hours much more pleasant.


Check out these amazing ideas to improve your gaming setup and make your viral experience even more enjoyable and comfortable. 

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